A glider’s journey in the Gulf Stream

Written by Joleen Heiderich We are cruising towards the open ocean in a small towboat while the Miami skyline is shrinking in the distance behind us. For Captain Pete, this short trip will be a change from his daily routine. Instead of towing boats, he will help two scientists with the deployment of an instrument…

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Introducing the new JP-student blog!

You probably want to start your own blog and share all your adventures, breakthroughs, mishaps, and sometimes sheer frustration with the world, right? Yet, the thought of setting up a website, having to fight with yet another computer language, and be witty and charming on semi-regular basis on top of all your research duties pretty…

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Science in Ten-Hundred Words: The “Up-Goer 5” Challenge

We had a lot of fun with the Upgoer Five activity and wrote some great paragraphs. We struggled with certain concepts such as plankton and the biological pump, but also deconstructed our research to its essential components, for example: How to describe a coral without using the word coral? It’s a lot of small animals…

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