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Science is a vast space of knowledge, and we're all in it to explore.

The Broader Impacts Group humanizes science. We are a student-run volunteer organization, and we want to bring the things that fascinate us beyond our peers.


Our volunteers write blogs, bring exciting demos into classrooms, help out with science fairs, and do whatever we can to bring ocean science, sustainability, and policy awareness into the community.


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Recent Blog Posts

Where’s the beef? Environmental implications of your next dinner

By Alia Hidayat | October 14, 2019

Written by: Justin Suca Many would agree that a steak dinner is unequivocally delicious. Unfortunately, the process of making that steak and getting it to your dinner plate is also unequivocally detrimental to the planet as we know it. Despite contributing a massive amount of greenhouse gases, emissions from agriculture have lacked the media attention…

When Water Won’t Work

By Alia Hidayat | October 7, 2019

Written by: Noah Germolus   Over the centuries, we have focused a great deal of brainpower on conquering the messes that water alone cannot wash away. This obsession with spotless surfaces produced some of the most pervasive classes of synthetic chemicals: soaps and solvents. Heavy grease on machinery, oil spills, drug manufacturing, and paint removal…

Flotsam and Jetsam: a PhD student’s love of the ocean

By Alia Hidayat | September 30, 2019

Written by: Danielle Haas Freeman For more of Danielle’s writing, be sure to visit her writing website at   By the time I was thirteen, my grandfather could no longer speak. He laughed sometimes, he gestured to things, he sometimes made noises of displeasure. But he was no longer capable of holding a conversation.…

A Year in the Life: Following a Scientific Paper from First Draft to Publication

By Alia Hidayat | September 23, 2019

Written by: Suzanna Clark   If it were a pair of boots, they would be worn thin from traveling to my office, the local coffee shop, multiple libraries, airplanes, and buses. If it were an animal, it would be a shapeshifter for the number of times it has completely reinvented itself. If it were a…

All Work and No Play Makes for a Dull Oceanographer

By Alia Hidayat | September 6, 2019

Written by: Jennifer Kenyon                People have very different definitions of the word “cruise.” The non-oceanographer imagines a large cruise ship with water slides, a happy hour, cute beverages with little umbrellas in them, and a journey that takes 5-7 days before dropping you off in a tropical paradise without a care in the world.…

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