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 provides graduate students with avenues, opportunities, and a network to extend the impact of their research and scientific expertise to the realms of policy, environmental sustainability, science communication, and education.

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SCARF 2017: A modern-day transatlantic crossing

By Hannah Mark | October 16, 2017

At 16:00 UTC (12 noon, EST) on October 8 2017, midway across the Atlantic Ocean, Earth’s magnetic field strength dropped to 0. Had we just made an exciting new discovery? Was this evidence of an imminent geomagnetic reversal? Was a mysterious lump of magnetite on the seafloor cancelling out the ambient field?…or did the magnetometer…

Coastal oceanography in the height of hurricane season

By Hanny Rivera | October 8, 2017

Written By: Mallory Ringham Oceanographic research cruises are typically planned months, if not years, in advance of sailing. So we often have to view cruise itineraries as suggestions rather than as definite plans, with an understanding that weather and equipment status may significantly impact scientific goals. On September 8, the CO2 Systems Laboratory from Woods…

What WiXII wants: How Women at MIT are Working for Equality

By Hanny Rivera | September 24, 2017

Written By: Suzi Clark Women at MIT have decided it’s time for a change. The Department of Earth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Sciences (EAPS) has been a staple of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1983. Its scientists have published thousands of papers in topics ranging from the solid earth 3,000 miles below our feet to…

Students off to Sea; 20 Students, 30 Hours at Sea: A headfirst dive into fieldwork.

By Hanny Rivera | September 17, 2017

Written By: Eeshan Bhatt, Jacob Forsyth, and Joleen Heiderich Months of planning all converged on 30 hours at sea aboard the new WHOI-operated research vessel, R/V Neil Armstrong. For not a lot of time at sea, we had quite a bit to do and a lot to learn. Our cruise took us out through the…

Oceanos: WHOI en Español e Português

By Hanny Rivera | September 17, 2017

Our first ever bilingual event was a great success. We had twelve dynamic presentations and broadcasted the event live over facebook. If you missed it you can watch it here!