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WHOI has been selected as a 2022 Mass Save™ Climate Leader; one of just 19 commercial and industrial organizations across the Commonwealth to receive this recognition.

WHOI has leveraged the incentives, support, and rebates offered by the Sponsors of Mass Save to make impactful investments in energy efficiency as well as reduce the Institution’s carbon footprint, and curb greenhouse gas emissions. WHOI supports several sustainable practices that contribute to an energy efficient campus and community. Specific projects and initiatives include:

-LED lighting installations in 50 campus buildings
-Energy Star freezer upgrades
-Occupancy sensors installed in laboratory fume hoods to save electricity when hoods are not in use
-Building efficiency such as insulation, air sealing, and HVAC upgrades
-Solar rooftop installations on five WHOI labs and business buildings
-Maintaining a fleet of 45 bikes for a bike loaner program to reduce carbon emissions from cars