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Anne Richards, March 27, 12:00 – 1:00pm at Carriage House and Online

WHOI’s beekeeping project started in 2020, with hives now on the Quissett Campus and in the Village. This talk will center on the main tasks required of beekeepers month by month, and how interested community members can step in and help with the project at any time of year.

Anne is a retired NOAA scientist and certified Master Beekeeper, and has been keeping bees for about 20 years as well as mentoring new beekeepers for many years. She has been teaching Introductory Beekeeping beginning in Woods Hole in 2023 and now also in West Barnstable.

At this Lunch and Learn, Anne will discuss rules of thumb for beekeepers – what to do when, and why. A bee colony varies widely in composition and size over the year, and is very responsive to changes in the environment. In addition to using rules of thumb, the beekeeper can benefit from using environmental cues to help guide management decisions. The talk will be geared towards those with little background in honey bee biology or beekeeping.

This speaker is sponsored through 2019 funding from the Woods Hole Foundation.