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September 21, 2016

STF Meeting Minutes

Date: September 21, 2016

Location: MRF 204

Present:  Stephanie Madsen, Pam Polloni, Andrea Harvey, Matt Agnese, Lisa Welch, Valerie Caron, Sebastien Bigorre, Dan Lopes, Charlotte Wiman, Dina Pandya, Laura Chrobak + MC Regan (SAW students)

Agenda Item

#1  WSS (WHOI Social Sustainability) – Events continue to be fun! We added activities to WSS Calendar for Sept + Oct

  • Hike- Wednesday, September 28 @ 1:00 pm. Meet at Tennis Court on Quissett Campus
  • Lawn Games -Thursday, September 29 @ 5:00pm Walsh Cottage/Garden
  • Bocce on Buttery Lawn – Thursday, Oct. 6 at Noon
  • Ice Skating –Friday, Oct. 21 @ 7:40-9:00pm – Falmouth Ice Arena


  • Submit Events to Joanne Tromp for Headline (SM – done)
  • Submit Events to Events Editor (Joanne) the day before or day of (SM-done)
  • Add reusable cups, bottle opener to lawn game sheds (AH)

#2  Power Down Stickers – 2000 Power Down stickers have arrived. Steph disseminated stickers to various people on STF committee. Please post near light switches, on printers, etc…any item that could be powered down. Goal here is to decrease our carbon footprint and save the institution money!


  • Place stickers in accessible locations/lobbies- Smith, Redfield, Clark (SM- done)
  • Submit Headlines describing purpose of stickers (SM- done)

#3 : Solar Canopy update – we exploring solar opportunities at WHOI, in addition to our REC purchases, that do not involve roof top installation.


  • Contact Beaumont Solar (located New Bedford) for solar canopy assessment – Clark parking lot (SM)
  • Reach out to Falmouth Ice Arena, specifically their building manager Joel Irving for intel (PP, AH)

#4  Vehicle Idling – employees have observed excessive truck/bus idling on WHOI’s campus and reminded us of the MA Law that prohibits idling in certain situations. We think the following steps will minimize idling:


  • First discuss idling issues/law with WHOI shuttle drivers and other delivery personnel on campus (shipping, Poland Spring, WB Mason) (DD)
  • Order a dozen or so No Idling stickers to place on dashboards of vehicles (SM+DD)
  • If Idling behavior continues, order signs to post at idling hot spots (SM+ DD)
  • Address idling on Headlines (SM)

#5  Alternative Vehicles for WHOI- We discussed hybrid + electrical vehicle options in terms of future purchases of shuttle + delivery vans. A twelve passenger electric van exists but it’s $110k, thus a hybrid option is more appealing.


  • Strongly consider hybrid/electric vehicles in Whoi’s fleet whenever feasible (DD)

#6  Metering eGauge update –  Discussed interruption issues due to power surges and how to expedite connections as quick as possible after interruptions. See live energy dashboard here:


  • Discuss methods for re-establishing eGauge connections quickly after interruptions (SM w Steve Gagnon)
  • Establish warning system when eGauges disconnect –Greg Fiske writing code
  • Address why Fenno has 30 kW baseline (is it refrigeration?)