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September 17, 2014

STF Meeting Minutes

September 17, 2014
MRF 2014

Attending members: Dave Derosier, Valerie Caron, Ann Devenish, Maureen Auro, Dina Pandya, Stephanie Madsen

1. STF Newsletter and Case study Feedback:

  • The group decided to disseminate the STF newsletter and Case Study to the STF members for another round of editing before adding both to Whoi Headlines. Dina will email docs to the group.
  • STF members will print out a few of the newsletters and case studies to post around campuses.
  • Group discussed that “STF Updates” should be disseminated at least 2 times per year (Spring + Fall essentially)

2. Dave will relocate large Earth Day posters to other buildings.

3. Atlas Water Filtration System was purchased by Quench, thus we will now refer to the water filtering system as Quench (Atlas)

  • Procedure for switching from Poland Springs to Quench (Atlas) was discussed. At this point if building is interested in making the switch, then they should email Dave Derosier directly. A facilities person will then walk through building to see if plumbing system qualifies.

4. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Update:

  • We contacted a rep from ChargePoint. com
  • Based on his CP’s estimate for unit (after MA rebate) and installation, Whoi will determine if we can move forward with purchase.
  • Steph + Dave will schedule an appointment with CP’s rep (sometime in early October)
  • Goal is to get more details in terms of cost, placement, and maintenance before making final decision.
  • Valerie contacted competitor at SemaConnect, Inc (Don is the Director of Sales for SemaConnect, Inc, Bowie, MD but lives in Sandwich)
  • We need to review results from both and determine which company best meets our needs and budget.

5. Watson Building Energy/Hood Assessment

  • Dave gave a brief overview of the energy assessment done by consultants Exposure Controls Technology Inc.
  • Resetting airflow cycling in hoods may reduce energy costs for that building. We are in the assessment phase at this point.