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September 16, 2015

STF Meeting Minutes

Date: September 16, 2015
Location: MRF 204
Present: Ann Devenish, Dan Lopes, Valerie Caron, Rick Galat, Charlotte Wiman, Michelle O’Donnell, Sebastien Bigorre, Dina Pandya and Stephanie Madsen

Agenda Item

#1  Biking – The need to increase bike storage was addressed, as well as:

  • Increase bike racks at 3 locations:  Clark South, MRF underpass and McLean
  • Offer more covered storage on campus (too many people bringing bikes in buildings)
  • Need to clean out old, rusty bikes from bike racks. (Rick has already identified and delivered kaput bikes to Falmouth’s Bike Lab…they will use the parts to build new bikes)
  • Need to encourage/support bikers to lighten up desire for more automobile parking (we don’t want to lose green space on campus)
  • Investigate how MBL manages to store 100 bikes in the basement of Ebert Hall (contact Bob Kaski at MBL)
  • Discussed prospect of STF submitting a Bike Proposal to Facilities/Director to address big needs, as in covered storage on all campuses and dorm facilities.
  • Buy campus bikes to lend to incoming interns or students. Geophysical Dynamics (GFD) and the International Committee already do this. And I learned recently that the new undergrad students (2 this year) borrow bikes from Kama Theiler.  There is definitely a need for bikes, especially over the summer.  Promoting bike usage will decrease need for parking spots (and offering Ride Board and Carpooling options will help too!)
  • Offer safety and repair tips on campus twice a year (perhaps the Bike Lab will want to partner with us).
  • Contact Andy Beet  x 3376 about International Committee bike loaner program (SM)
  • Contact Anne Doucette + Claudia Cenedese x2696 (runs GFD) (SM)


  • Contact Bob Kaski ( at MBL to learn about their bike policies and storage (SM- already sent meeting request)
  • Write draft Bike Proposal (SM)
  • Talk to WHOI legal about possible implications for lending bikes (sign waivers?) (SM)
  • Investigate storage options…repurposed containers? Lean-tos? (SM)
  • Send bike message (campus cleanup of old bikes) to Headlines (SM)
  • Survey Woods Hole campus for old, decrepit bikes (Dan Lopes)

#2 Survey WHOI employees

  • Polling WHOI employees for input would be highly beneficial and perhaps steer our priorities, i.e., who drives an electric car, who would bike if we offered covered storage, carpooling opportunities etc.


  • Generate list of polling questions and generate survey to be posted on Headlines (Dina + SM)

#3 Clean Energy Center Intern Presentation – We briefly addressed the Energy Reduction Action Plan and Presentation. We are looking forward to a more formal discussion of the results and curious to see what our priorities will be.


  • Schedule follow-up meeting to discuss priorities (DD + SM)
  • Send copy of Action Plan to STF members after edits are made (SM)

#4 : Building Rep Pilot Program update:All Walk-throughs of pilot buildings have been completed (by Dave, Steph and respective Building Rep).


  • Schedule Building Rep Pilot Meeting to regroup all Reps and launch next phase (DD+Reps)
  • Review all typed up notes and identify themes (SM)
  • Update on automated timers for high energy use devices (DD)

#5 Kick the Can- Need to agree on a logo (Eric Taylor is drafting another option), and once approved, we’ll move on replacing small cans with bigger ones.


  • Disseminate large trash bins to Pilot Program Buildings and collect small cans …suggest and don’t force. (SM with Reps)
  • Help collect small bins and disseminate large bins from MRF Loft (SM)
  • Finalize flyer with Graphics (SM+DD)

#6  Nitrile Recyclable Gloves–Hold program launch until Safety Committee approves


  • Ron take flyer to ISC (Safety Committee) to discuss program with group + Becky Gast end of Oct. (RR)
  • Launch program and add info to STF website after ISC gives approval (SM)

#7  Composting- Continue encouraging others to compost at events.

Action:  Spread the word about composting on campus!  See for details. Compost With Me LLC has been a wonderful service thus far!

#8  STF Visibility – Share STF slide at New Employee Orientation.

Action:  Dina presented the STF slide during the Sept. New Employee Orientation (Thanks Dina!)