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September 15, 2021

Attendance: Seb Bigorre, Karen Soenen, Pam Polloni, Stephanie Madsen, Mai Maheigan

#1.  WSS  (WHOI Social Sustainability) – Let’s keep the holistic health theme going! Activities include:

  • Beach Botany Walk with Pam Polloni – Tuesday, Sept. 13th was awesome! About 6 people attended and expressed gratitude for offering these kind of healthy events.
  • Hike through WHOI fitness trail by new building QRF proposed. A group of us will do a practice walk to record distance to Spohr Garden and back.


  • Schedule QRF trail hike and record distance with AllTrails (SM, SB, PP)
  • Schedule the public QRF hike (SB + SM)
  • Please think about volunteering to lead an activity (ALL)


#2  Beach Clean-up Shore Lab - Monthly – We need Volunteers to join the leaders! STF is partnering with T3C + WHOI neighbors to clean up the beach on the first Thursday of each month at noon. Meet at Gate by Shore Lab. Leaders for Beach Cleanups include:

  • Oct 7, Thursday – WHOI’s Communications (Comms) Team
  • Nov 4, Thursday – Finance Department
  • Dec 2, Thursday – Physical Oceanography Dept


  • Seb, check with PO Dept about Dec 2 cleanup (SB)
  • Dina, remind and rally the Comms team for the Oct 7 cleanup (DP)


#3  Solar + LED update- Meteor House solar in October + LEDs on 5 more buildings.

  • Meteor House solar installation scheduled for OCT.


  • Ask Dave about moving forward with QRF solar and/or CRL (RCRC) solar (SM)


#4  Composting at the Buttery- reminder that Buttery composts behind and in front of counter and at events.

  • WHOI purchased 5 large composting toters and liners for WHOI events.
  • Black Earth composting will pick up bags after an event and charge $75


  • Headlines entry about Black Earth Compost Event + Residential Program (SM)


#5   New Business    -

Bees – We discussed the best location for the Village pilot bee program. Karen Soenen shared her map and will add the area that is closer to Challenger Annex (this will be away from most activity). This is a one-year test to measure success.


  • Karen, finalize map by adding the new location and send to Steph + Rick (KS)
  • Steph as Historic Society / Deb Scanlon about their thoughts (SM)