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October 18, 2023

Attendance: Alex Kinsella, Sebastien Bigorre, Liz Maloney, Kai Srisirikul, Pam Polloni, Alan Gaul, Claire Anacreon, Lanie Plueddemann, Susan Sholi, Calvin Quigley

#1 Beach cleanups (first Thursday of the month at noon)

•    Pam will lead Nov 2

•    Liz will lead December 7

#2 Emma Bullock is doing an art exhibit including environmental activists at the Woods Hole Fire Station Oct 26-27 from 5-7 pm.

•    Alex will send the flyer to the STF list.

#3 Dave Derosier and Kathryn Link have talked about presenting the Energy Master Plan to STF and/or the WHOI community.

•    Kai will follow up with them about scheduling a Lunch and Learn on this topic.

#4 The WHOI herbarium will eventually need a new collections manager and Pam is looking for funding to support this position.

•    The data library currently supports the herbarium

•    Pam would like to write a grant for the herbarium but is not allowed to do so herself. Claire offered to help. Pam is planning to work with Jeff Donnelly who has NSF funding.

•    Pam will send a report to the biology department and see if they are interested in supporting the herbarium.

#4.5 WHOI invasive plant removal team has been successful the past 3 Tuesdays. Will continue meeting on Tuesdays at 5 pm until daylight savings and then resume next spring.

•    This week we removed porcelainberry from next to the Clark parking lot. We’d like to possibly replant this area with a fruit tree. This is in line with our tree planting commitments for new buildings. Blueberries were also suggested.

•    Contact Rick Galat and Grafton Briggs to see if they already have a plan.

#5 Lunch and Learn Ideas

•   Herbarium/data library tour. Claire and Pam will organize, targeting early November

•   Megan Amsler about energy transition programs and heat pumps? Alex will contact her

•   EMP presentation by Kathryn Link.  Kai will contact her

•   Later possibilities:

•   Stephanie Madsen about Falmouth sustainability

•   Presentations related to edible plants/conservation? Russ Cohen, author of Wild Plants I Have Known and Eaten; Tim Boland, executive director of Polly Hill Arboretum; Someone from Biodiversity Works?

#6 STF event ideas

•   Big Game Night. Talk to Dina (suggested by email but wasn’t able to attend)

•   WFH sustainability.  Talk to Dina (suggested by email but wasn’t able to attend)

•   Carpooling. Seb will be point of contact.  Make small groups organized by area on Cape? Liz will make a Google Form/Sheet to organize

•   Claire has been talking with CDEI and international groups to organize a group singing event at WHOI. Cost is $175 for the event. Natalie Nevarez might be able to fund it through CDEI.