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April 19, 2023

Attendance: Gretchen Swarr, Sebastien Bigorre, Alan Goul, Liz Maloney, Kai Srisirikul, Stephanie Madsen

#1 Decarbonizing Communities and Campuses Conference May 3rd all day at Holy Cross.

Let me know if you would like to attend. I can register up to 6 people.


  • Register Liz, Seb + Steph for the conference (SM-done)


#2  Energy Efficiency Building Challenge (this is the last month) – We shared the March results and spun the wheel for raffle winners.



  • Contact 4 raffle winners - $50 giftcards. Winners are Peter Crockford, Ichiko Sugiyama, Christine Chesley, and Bill Dullea (SM-done)
  • Submit Headlines announcing Building energy Challenge 3rd place winners – Fenno +Challenger House (LM-done)
  • Buy gift cards for winners (SM)


#3  WSS = WHOI Social Sustainability Events:

  • Plant Walk - we Scheduled the Edible Invasive plant walk with Alan Gaul – Wednesday, May 10th at 4:05 at Fenno Lobby
  • Mindful Meander – scheduled the 4th walk with Will – Tuesday, June 13th at 12:15 Fenno Lobby
  • DEI Event- Humans of WHOI: May 11 4-6pm TGIT – review STF involvement – lawn games
  • Add Heat Pump-Mini Split Lunch n Learn – Liz M has received her MassSave Rebate, waiting for a quieter time
  • April 22 Earth Day Town cleanup


  • Make invasive plant walk flyer (AG)
  • Create 4th Mindful Meander flyer (LM)
  • Remind everyone about the Celebrating Humans of WHOI Event – May 11 4-6pm (SM)


#4   Boat Shrink Wrap Recycling – Stephanie Murphy with SeaGrant will give an update.

            No update, Stephanie did not make it to the meeting


  • Schedule update for next month if it’s not too late (SM)


#5  Beach Clean-up Shore Lab - Monthly Meet at Gate by Shore Lab. Leaders for Beach Cleanups include:

  • May 4th, Thursday – Steph
  • June 1, Thursday – Sebastien B will lead


#6  Energy Updates: solar, LEDs + Energy Master Plan (EMP). People expressed interest in a tour of the Central Energy Plant in an effort to understand the EMP recommendations for converting steam piping to low temp water piping which will involve replacing piping on the Quissett Campus (which will be disruptive).


  • The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Report was finalized for 2022. We reviewed the results
  • EV Chargers were added to the David Center April 3rd
  • Weatherization installation will happen this spring. We are waiting for Rise Engineering to finalize Cape Light Compact incentives before submitting their proposal. The following buildings will see improvements – Swift, Vincent, Winding Lane suite, Bowen, Nobska,
  • Solar: David Center rooftop (QRF)- solar contract signed. Installation starts June 2023- delays with

MassDPU + Eversource permitting. Stay Tuned

  • NQSF rooftop – contract signed. Installation starts June 2023
  • QRF – David Center – Revision visiting April 12th, Permit applications have been signed
  • LEDs – replacing LED fixtures in 49 Buildings. Wicked Watts is finishing up Quissett Buildings then will complete Village Campus buildings in April 2023


  • Send GHG Report to STF members (SM)
  • Schedule a Central Energy Plant Tour with Bryan Urquhart (SM)


#7 New Business      -