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February 15, 2023

Attendance: Alan Gaul, Dina Pandya, Connor Ahearn, Alex Kinsella, Liz Maloney, Kai Srisirikul, Stephanie Madsen


#1 Building Electricity Reduction Challenge and EE Raffle – We spent a lot of the meeting time discussing the results. Very illuminating + informative in terms of why buildings dropped energy use.

Energy reduction results are in! The winner for the medium sized building category, with an impressive 30% decrease in electricity use from Jan 2023 compared with January 2022….is…..The Major Warehouse on Quissett Campus!! Closing the highbay garage door every day attributes to the decrease. Way to go Warehouse occupants!

  • The winner for the small office building category with a remarkable 37% decrease in electricity (Jan23 vs Jan 22) is Nobska House! Several actions contribute to the big decrease including: motion sensor outside lights, transition from desktops to laptops, hybrid schedules, and lights off.
  • Congrats to the winners!! You get a free fancy coffee or beverage at the Buttery. Please notify the person at the register that you won the Energy Efficiency Challenge for your building for the month of January.  Prizes must be redeemed by March 15th.  We’ll announce the February challenge winners in mid-March. To review building kwh details, click here.
  • Energy Efficiency Raffle Prize Winners for January were selected using the app!

Congrats to: Mingming Shao, Konrad Hughen, Mohammed Hashim and Herman Garcia

Their efficiency activities included powering down electronics, giving up lab space for new hire, and reminding others daily to decrease energy consumption. Please enter yourself or nominate another for the February drawing. You can enter the drawing every month - see link or email!! ·


  • Contact 4 raffle winners - $50 giftcards. Winners are Mingming Shao, Konrad Hughen, Mohammed Hashim and Herman Garcia (SM-done)
  • Submit Headlines announcing Building energy Challenge winners – Warehouse + Nobska House (SM)
  • Submit Headlines announcing Raffle winner - $50 gift cards: Mingming Shao, Konrad Hughen, Mohammed Hashim and Herman Garcia (SM)
  • Create spreadsheet + plots with January electricity data (SM)
  • Post energy data spreadsheet to STF website: (Dina = done)


#2   WSS = WHOI Social Sustainability Events:

  • Freezer Maintenance Lunch n Learn for Watson – Tuesday, Feb 14 at noon. Rm. 201. See link to Freezer Maintenance flyer here:
  • Debrief : Lunch n Learn – Sustainable Fisheries (Monday, Feb 6 at noon)
  • Mindful Meander (2nd one) – Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 12:15 (Fenno House by fireplace in big lobby) led by TerraCorps Member (The 300 Committee Landtrust) Leader: Will Poirier, T3C-TerraCorps Member, 401-369-1627
  • Plan spring lawn games social events
  • Add a Heat Pump-Mini Split Lunch n Learn?
  • EV Fair in the Fall


  • Purchase freezer maintenance tools, label + bring to freezer spaces (3 sets)- (Dion, SM + LM)
  • Update Mindful Meander poster for new hike (LM)
  • Schedule Heat Pump/Mini-split Lunch n Learn when Liz receives the MassSave Rebate


#3 Beach Clean-up Shore Lab - Monthly – We need Volunteers to join the leaders! STF is partnering with T3C + WHOI neighbors to clean up the beach on the first Thursday of each month at noon. Meet at Gate by Shore Lab. Leaders for Beach Cleanups include:

  • March 2, Thursday – Steph + ?
  • April 6, Thursday – Grad Students possibly


  • Recruit Grad Students to help with April 6 Beach Cleanup (Alan G)

We ran out of time thus the items below will be covered in next month’s agenda:


#4  Conferences + Webinars:

  • Recharge America – MassEvolves EV Conference – Wednesday, April 12 at UMass Boston (Liz, Seb + Steph registered to attend) We are inviting your organization to submit a short video to be featured during the annual Recognition Ceremony at the Recharge Massachusetts Symposium on April 12, 2023 at the University of Massachusetts Boston!
  • MassFleet Webinar (w PowerOptions) – WHOI featured on panel (Steph + Steve Senior) – Plan to transition our fleet of WHOI vehicles to electric overtime. Tuesday, Feb 28 at 11:00am

To Register: The webinar is scheduled on Zoom for Tuesday, February 28th at 11 am eastern time. Here is the registration link:


#5 Garden cleanup – STF Garden Plot needs some TLC


#6 Review possible programs for WHOI housing:

  • E Bike rental options: Velotric
  • EV car share like ZipCar is Envoy electric car sharing service:


#7 Energy Updates: solar, LEDs + Energy Master Plan (EMP)

  • David Center rooftop (QRF)- solar contract signed. Installation starts June 2023
  • NQSF rooftop – contract signed. Installation starts June 2023
  • LEDs – replacing LED fixtures in 49 Buildings. Wicked Watts is finishing up Quissett Buildings then will complete Village Campus buildings in Jan + Feb 2023
  • Energy Audits in Residential Office + Commercial Buildings will be conducted this fall 2022 – Swift, Vincent, Winding Lane suite, Bowen, Nobska, 38 Water St.
  • EMP on target for March-April completion. BR+A is focusing on Quissett Campus


#8  New Business     - 

  • Connect with WHOI Comms regarding Earth Day
  • March 15 Hybrid Meeting – Avast/QRF aka David Center 113
  • Real plates back at the Buttery
  • Fitness Trail signage – write WHCA grant?
  • Start up the Green It Forward Award – need help