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July 20, 2022

Attendance: Dina Pandya, Zeinab Yusuf, Hilary Dupre, Liz Maloney, Stephanie Madsen


#1  Environmental Justice Statement for Governor’s Island Proposal. We spent lots of time reflecting on how to frame WHOI’s EJ Statement, our main objectives and what contributions WHOI scientists and engineers have made.


·         Reach out to Mike Weir in the Marine Policy Center and ask for contributions (SM)

·         Refine the statement then post on WHOI’s CDEI resources page and STF website (SM+DP)


#2  Electric bike assistance – Cape Light Compact offers $1,200 towards an electric bike. We discussed who qualifies: Person must live on Cape Cod year-round, have an Eversource bill in their name, and meet the income levels.


·         Spread the word about the eBike incentives (All)


#3  Heat Pumps – Liz Maloney residential testimonial

Liz met with a residential heat pump vendor for a home assessment and quote. It was interesting to hear their recommendations for heating, cooling and dehumidifying her Falmouth home. The vendor recommended 8 small mini-split units and 2 outside pump units. Because it’s necessary for the domestic hot water, the oil burner can remain though can only be used for heat in emergencies. To qualify for the $10,000 whole home rebate the installer has to use equipment on the rebate approved list, and you also need to have had a Home Energy Assessment within 2 years, and carried out whatever energy saving measures they recommend.  The estimate was about $30,000, so final cost after rebate will be $20,000.  There are 0% interest HEAT Loans available to help with the costs.


·         Share the heat pump cost estimate (LM-done)

·         Schedule a heat pump Lunch n Learn? (SM)


#4 CEC (Clean Energy Center) Interns offered an Update: Derek Jensen (UMass Amherst), Aidan Philie (Bowdoin College), and Zeinab Yusuf (Cornell)

·         Review flyers created- share and post

·         Pop Up Energy Efficiency event – next one scheduled for Aug 4 before the beach cleanup Redfield Lobby August 4 (10-11:45).  Cookies + Raffle item were recommended

·         Portfolio Manager Energy Data update – review bar graphs


·         Schedule the CEC intern presentation for August (CEC Interns + SM) – Tues, Aug. 16th at 1:00pm

·         Add all flyers to STF website (SM, LM +DP)

·         Make/purchase cookies for Redfield EE Pop Up (LM + SM)

·         Secure donated item to raffle (SM- done, got a new water bottle)


#5  WSS  (WHOI Social Sustainability) – Events that increase social connections

Please volunteer for WSS Events:

·         Activity Fair – Tuesday, Sept 20  2022 (2:00—4:30 Clark 507) Partner with Workplace Climate Comm + Women’s Comm

·         Garden Plot potluck on Friday, July 22 at 5pm

·         EV Car Fair in the Fall (pick a date)

·         Lawn Games – for access contact Stephanie Madsen

·         Group bike rides with Jacob – Make coffee at Goodwill Park then bike in together. Keep eyes peeled for emails!


·         Schedule Activity Fair (SM)- Done. Clark 507 secured on Room Scheduler (Date is Sept 20 at 2:00pm)

·         Schedule EV car Fair (SM)


#6 Beach Clean-up Shore Lab - Monthly – We need Volunteers to join the leaders! STF is partnering with T3C + WHOI neighbors to clean up the beach on the first Thursday of each month at noon. Meet at Gate by Shore Lab. Leaders for Beach Cleanups include:

·         August 4, Thursday –

·         Sept 1, Thursday –

·         Oct 6, Thursday -


#7 Energy Updates: solar, LEDs + Energy Master Plan (EMP)

Solar – check out Meteor House solar production at

·         next project CRL-RCRC (expected this fall 2022)- contract signed

·         David Center/QRF rooftop- need updated proposal

·         NQSF Warehouse – need updated proposal

·         Heat pump custom rebate from Nat Grid/Mass Save- Our consultants CES advise waiting on the heat pumps until DOER posts their APS regulation updates in the next 3 months. APS = Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards

·         LEDs – replacing LED fixtures in at least 10 of our residential buildings + USGS (22 buildings have already been done)

·         Energy Audits in Residential Office Buildings. CLC sent a list of our accounts that qualify for Energy Efficiency Audits by RISE engineering. Mass Save will pay up to 75% of EE measures.


·         Move forward with Residential Energy Audits in 11 buildings (SM, BU + FAC team)

·         Get updated solar proposals from ReVision  - QRF + NQSF

·         Send Solar pdf to Dina for STF website (SM)

·         Manage LED installations at 25 additional Whoi buildings (SM+BU)


#8   New Business    -

E Bike Update from Matt Dudley at Cape Light Compact:


Ebikes would be eligible on an individual basis if the associated electric account serves individual occupants. The term “household” in the application requirements is more like the IRS definition than actual residents of a dwelling. Any individual would need to submit income verification with the application (FYI – there are only about 80 remaining grant applications available through this round of grant funding, and they are going quickly). One of the most important parts of the grant is that the applicant be a resident of Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard… We need to avoid the potential for someone to take advantage of the incentive and then move months later, eliminating the benefits claimed by the E Bike initiative.
Weatherization: National Grid and Cape Light Compact each have weatherization programs approved by the Department of Public Utilities that offer 100% for residentially metered rental properties (Mary can provide better guidance if the sites have commercial gas rates). I am going to check in on Heat Pump opportunities for shared housing and income qualifications with our Residential Program Manager on Wednesday