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June 15, 2022

Attendance: Steph Madsen, Mike Weir, Liz Maloney, Sarah Fuller, Mallory Kastner, Aidan Philie, Derek Jensen


#1  Introduction to our 2022 CEC (Clean Energy Center) Interns: Derek Jensen (UMass Amherst) and Aidan Philie (Bowdoin College), Zeinab Yusuf (Cornell)

·       And new Facilities Engineer Kai Srisirikul

We are happy to have Kai join our Facilities team. He brings lots of experience with energy efficiency engineering projects.  The 3 new CEC interns will be an excellent addition as well. We plan to engage them in energy efficiency projects around campus.


·       Send CEC interns Freezer spreadsheet, flyers for beach cleanup, various EE flyers (SM)

·       Schedule Alt Plastic/EE Pop Up events throughout the summer (SM+CEC):Clark Lobby (11-1)July 14th and Redfield Lobby August 4 (10-11:45)

·       Send Reliance flyers that could help WHOI employees (CEC interns)


#2 Utility Cost increases for 2023 + Energy Efficiency Plan. We spent considerable time discussing energy efficiency program options including the following:

·       Electricity supply costs will increase 26%  (2023) and gas supply costs will increase 17% (in 2024)

·       Energy Conservation Program

o   Building energy reps – target thermostat settings, doors-windows open, flyers, contests, etc (it was suggested that we pay at least an hour/week for EE Reps identified in buildings)

o   Cold Storage – freezer/fridge conservation. Replace old units and utilize CLC rebates.

o   Pop Up Energy Efficiency events – share energy cost increases with WHOI personnel

o   CRL pilot program for controls (ECMs) and variable frequency drives (VFDs)

o   Schedule Dept presentations


·       Identify Target Buildings then recruit an EE Rep

·       Ask Dave about supporting proj#+ $ (1 hour per week) for EE Rep (SM)

·       Mike Weir willing to be Rep for Crowell House?

·       Work with Property Dept and get Freezer Inventory (SM-done)

·       Sort the freezer list and target ones to replace (CEC interns)

·       Meet with Matt Dudley of CLC to determine custom rebates/incentives (SM + team)


#3  WSS  (WHOI Social Sustainability) – Events that increase social connections were suggested.

Please volunteer for WSS Events:

·       Solar for Your Home Lunch n Learn – Tuesday, June 21 @ noon  (Cotuit Solar, Revision, + Megan Amsler Self-Reliance)

·       Kelp potluck – June 9 at 5:00pm

·       Fieldtrip to Falmouth Farmer’s Market? We discussed borrowing Whoi van vs carpooling in plug in hybrids

·       Plan 5:00pm  hikes for summer (on hold)

·       Activity Fair – Tuesday, Sept 20  2022 (tbd) Partner with Workplace Climate Comm + Women’s Comm (keep item on agenda)

·       Lawn Games – for access contact Stephanie Madsen

·       Toy Swap during WHOI summer camp for kids?

·       Lithium battery program – Andrew Rose has information

·       EV Car Show in the Fall ?

·       Offer group bike ride – we need a leader

·       Mini-split heat pump lunch n learn?


·       Post Residential Solar Lunch n Learn on the STF website (DP – done)

·       Recruit volunteers to lead bike ride and/or hikes (SM+LM)


# 4 Energy Updates: solar, LEDs + Energy Master Plan (EMP) Solar – check out Meteor House solar production at

·       next project CRL-RCRC (expected this fall 2022)- contract signed

·       NQSF warehouse next (waiting for proposal)

·       Possibly David Center rooftop + carports

·       Heat pump custom rebate from Nat Grid/Mass Save- Our consultants CES advise waiting on the heat pumps until DOER posts their APS regulation updates in the next 3 months. APS = Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards

·       LEDs – replacing LED fixtures in at least 10 of our residential buildings + USGS (22 buildings already done)


·       Keep CES updates about when to install Heat Pumps in Swift and Vincent (SM)


#5  Beach Clean-up Shore Lab - Monthly – We need Volunteers to join the leaders! STF is partnering with T3C + WHOI neighbors to clean up the beach on the first Thursday of each month at noon. Meet at Gate by Shore Lab. Leaders for Beach Cleanups include:

·       June 2, Thursday –

·       July 7, Thursday – Post Doc Assoc (Mike Weir) + SSFs + PEP?

·       August 4, Thursday –



#6   New Business    -

Bike rack at Smith may be needed…or move the one under awning to the grassy area


Take pics of Smith Bike rack to see if overflow (SF or LM)

Check out bike rack behind Smith – by trailer…underutilized? (LM)