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April 20, 2022

Attendance:  Sebastien Bigorre, Connor Ahearn, Mai Maheigan, Lauren Dykman, Liz Maloney, Mallory Kastner, Stephanie Madsen, Alex Kinsella, Mike Weir, Sarah Youngs


#1  Earth Day Activities were shared! Earth Day is Friday, April 22!

·         Earth Day nature hike with STF – meet at the Quissett Tennis court at 12:15 for a nature hike. ( Liz + Steph will lead

·         Woods Hole Community Clean up – Saturday, April 23: 9:00am Old Fire Station in WH

·         Zoom Talk Zoe Cardon (MBL) Thursday, April 21 at 7:00 pm

·         May 5 Zoom – Meet the Old Ladies Against Underwater Garbage.

·         Hikes- T3C Wayfinding Series

·         Highfield Hall Earth Day Event for kids + families: April 22 10:00-11:30 $20



·         Send Earth Day Tips to Connor + Elise Hugus for Earth Day Listicle

·         Send email time for Woods Hole Cleanup Saturday, April 23 at 9:00am (SM)


#2  WSS  (WHOI Social Sustainability) – Events that increase social connections

Please volunteer for WSS Events:

·         Beehives – contact Karen Soenen to help out with beehive activities

·         Repair Café –  Thursday, May 12   4-6 pm in Avast, David Center (volunteers needed)

·         Solar for Residences – Lunch n Learn (Mallory…ask E2, Solar Rising)

·         Activity Fair – Sept 2022 (tbd) Partner with Workplace Climate Comm + Women’s Comm

·         Electric Vehicle Drive Green Event – tbd (perhaps invite the FleetVehicle people for MassFleets)

·         Lawn Games – need leaders to schedule events (committees should use the games for teambuilding events), Contact for the lock combination

·         Recreation (annual) lunch n learn – schedule with Justin (tbd)


·         Disseminate Repair Café flyer and Headlines on Thursday (LM)

·         Contact Justin about creating a recreational video (SM + LM)

·         Residential solar lunch n learn – schedule for Tuesday, June 21 at noon (record it)

o   Mallory – ask Jenni Christian, Liz ask Solar Rising, Seb as Cotuit Solar, Steph set up Zoom + facilitate

·         Activity Fair – Lauren exploring best date i.e. MIT’s schedule etc…possibly Tuesday, Sept 20 (MIT Bus leaves WHOI at 5:30)

·         Create + order the beehive warning sign (LM)


# 3 WHOI’s GHG Report results and Energy Master Plan.

·         We Reviewed the Energy Master Plan (EMP) presentation results. Outcome: Leadership agreed to financially support the EMP! Thank you WHOI Leadership!!

·         We shared the 2021 Carbon Tracker Report compiled by CES our energy consultants. 2021 data was compared to 2020 (baseline is 2016 data).



·         Send Carbon Tracker 2021 Report to STF members who request it (SM)

·         Send invite to Energy Team to review Carbon Tracker/GHG Report (SM)


# 4  Beach Clean-up Shore Lab - Monthly – We need Volunteers to join the leaders! STF is partnering with T3C + WHOI neighbors to clean up the beach on the first Thursday of each month at noon. Meet at Gate by Shore Lab. Leaders for Beach Cleanups include:

·         May 5, Thursday –

·         June 2, Thursday – Sarah Youngs Lab Group + Friends

·         July 7, Thursday – Post Doc Assoc (Mike Weir) + SSFs + PEP


·         Recruit participants for beach cleanup (All)


#5 Energy Updates: solar, fleet vehicles, LEDs (more money is available from CLC)

·         WHOI’s fleet vehicles – assistance program

·         Heat pump custom rebate from Nat Grid (SM)

·         LEDs – replace lighting fixtures in as many buildings as possible while CLC $ is there

·         Solar – Meteor House (waiting for Eversource to install the netmeter) and next project CRL-RCRC (expected this summer 2022)

·         Get E2 Solar estimate for Dorm D and The David Center carport (SM)


#6   New Business    -

Methods for fixing broken cell phones