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November 17, 2021

Attendance: Helen Fredricks, Liz Maloney, Stephanie Murphy, Pam Polloni, Mai Maheigan, Lauren Dykman, Connor Ahearn, Mallory Kastner


#1 This discussion is tabled until Hauke can attend: Carbon Offset Discussion – in addition to LED installations and renewable solar, electrification, and powering down strategies, what else can WHOI employees do to reduce carbon emissions?

Let’s talk. Food for thought:

Hauke recommends:

·         Gold Standard

·         American Carbon Registry

·         Verified Carbon Standard

·         Climate Action Reserve

·         ClimeCo

·         Cool Effect



·         Schedule a lunch n learn with Hauke Kite-Powell (SM)


#2   NexTrex Plastic Film Recycling- Helen Fredrick explained the 6 month program she’s conducting at Fye building in support of a Falmouth School Program. We agreed to help support her efforts and expand collection sites to Clark and Smith Lobbies.


·         Create + disseminate flyers (Helen)

·         Submit a Headlines advertisement (Helen)

·         Place receptacles in Clark + Smith lobbies (Helen)


#3  Sustainable Food Guide for Falmouth – Mallory started a robust local food guide on google drive. We worked on it together during the meeting, but the doc is still open for additions – please see the link for your input.


·         Edit/add to the food guide on google drive (All)

·         Host a tutorial for members when making the flyer (Mallory)



#4   WSS  (WHOI Social Sustainability) – The Native American Heritage Events were really successful!

·         Native American Heritage Month is November – Movie Event (We Still Live Here)- Tues, Nov 16 at 7:30. Over 40 people attended the panel event!

·         Book Club: Our Beloved Kin: a New History of King Philip's War” by Lisa Brooks on November 22 at 7:00pm on Zoom. We had about 15 people attend


·         Schedule a 2nd Flax Food Lunch n Learn for January or Feb


·         Steph contact Noa at Flax Food to confirm lunch n learn for Friday, Jan 14 at 1:00pm



#5  Beach Clean-up Shore Lab - Monthly –First of the month at Noon. Meet at Shore Lab gate on the bike path.

Leaders for Beach Cleanups include:

·         Dec 2, Thursday – JP Students (Lauren Dykman leading)

·         Jan 6, Thursday – Kevin Nikolaus team ? OR Freddie in the Bio Dept (if we switch the time to 1:00pm so it doesn’t conflict with Bio’s Seminar)



·         Check with Kevin +  Freddie to see who will sponsor/lead the January beach cleanup (Pam P + SM)


#6  Solar + LED update- Meteor House solar in January (hopefully!) + LEDs on 5 more buildings

·         Starting Dec 13 - Leds scheduled for QFB, Dist/shipping warehouse, CRL, Bell House, Challenger, then top floor and Port Office Iselin

#7   New Business    -

·         Coat Drive sponsored by Andrea Harvey

·         Falmouth Town Recycling will be switching to tagged Toters that can be lifted by a mechanical arm. Town meeting voted to buy every resident a 96 gal toter. Not sure how this will affect WHOI.