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October 20, 2021

Attendance: Pam Polloni, Seb Bigorre, Dina Pandya, Lauren Dykman, Connor Ahearn, Mallory Kastner

 #1.  WSS  (WHOI Social Sustainability) –  several new events were discussed. Volunteers needed! STF is playing a big role in planning and facilitating these events:

The Woods Hole Diversity Advisory Committee and the Falmouth Community are hosting a series of events to pay tribute to the rich ancestry and traditions of Native American Nations..

  • On November 16th, we are hosting a virtual viewing of the film “We Still Live Here - Âs Nutayuneân'' at 6:30pm, followed by a panel discussion at 7:30pm featuring speakers from the Wampanoag Community and the Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project. This film will be available for streaming on Vimeo from November 14-17.
  • We are also hosting a virtual book discussion of “Our Beloved Kin: a New History of King Philip's War” by Lisa Brooks on November 22 at 7:00pm on Zoom.

For more information and to sign up for events, visit the website!


  • Help us facilitate the book discussion by reading the book and lead a small group zoom discussion if needed (depends on how many people login on Nov. 22)


#2  Flax Food Coop Lunch and Learn II

  • Schedule a 2nd Flax Food Lunch n Learn. We discussed that January would be best.


  • Connor contact Flax Food about scheduling in Jan (CA)


#3  Beach Clean-up Shore Lab - Monthly – We need Volunteers to join the leaders! STF is partnering with T3C + WHOI neighbors to clean up the beach on the first Thursday of each month at noon. Meet at Gate by Shore Lab. Leaders for Beach Cleanups include:

  • Nov 4, Thursday – Finance Department ALL
  • Dec 2, Thursday – JP Students
  • Jan 6, Thursday – ?


  • Sign up your team to sponsor one of the cleanups! (All)


#4 competition at WHOI – reviewed, discussed and determined they weren’t solid since we couldn’t find content in their “about us” section of website. They don’t seem authentic.


  • Consider a Green Lab Competition through either an established program like My Green Lab or internally such as EH+S track when they assess each lab annually. They could add sustainability to their checklist. Seb will call EH+S


#5  Solar + LED update- Meteor House solar in October + LEDs on 5 more buildings

  • Solar installation on Meteor House postponed until November
  • Solar on CRL-RCRC planned for 2022
  • Starting Dec 6 - LEDs scheduled for Challenger, Dist Warehouse, CRL, QFB (Carp Shop), Iselin top floor, Bell House


#6  Composting Services by Black Earth Compost

  • Reminder that Buttery composts behind and in front of counter
  • Residential composting service is available in Falmouth for $20/month


  • Generate a Headline submission to remind WHOI employees that they can compost at home with Black Earth (SM)


#7   New Business    - Add these 2 items to next month’s agenda

  • Sustainable food guide
  • Flight carbon offsets

Carbon Offset Options:

Four of the larger organizations with credible standards to produce reputable offsets, to the best of my knowledge, are

Two others you may want to look into for this are ClimeCo and Cool Effect.  I have connections at both, if that should be helpful.