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October 19, 2016

STF Meeting Minutes

Date: October 19, 2016

Location: MRF 204

Present:  Sean Medeiros, Ann Devenish, Lea Fraser, Paul Avery, Dave Derosier, Danie KinKade, Jeane Hand, Andrea Harvey, Stephanie Madsen, Pam Polloni, Ken Kostel, Dina Pandya, Colin Reed, Alex Bocconcelli + MC Regan (SAW student)

Agenda Item

#1  WSS (WHOI Social Sustainability) – Events continue to be fun! We added activities to WSS Calendar for Fall/Winter

  • Hike- Wednesday, Oct 26 @ 12:00 pm. Meet at Tennis Court on Quissett Campus
  • Hike – Wednesday, Nov 2 @ 12:00pm. Meet on back Redfield lawn - Village
  • Ice Skating –Friday, Dec 2 @ 7:40-9:00pm – Falmouth Ice Arena


  • Add events – contact Steph if you would like to lead one! (STF Members)
  • Submit Events to Joanne Tromp for Headline (SM – done)
  • Submit Events to Events Editor (Joanne) the day before or day of (SM-ongoing)

#2   Strategic Plan + Charrettes – We discussed possible STF focus points to champion at the upcoming charrettes scheduled for Nov. 7, 14 (charrettes are mini, townhall, follow-up meetings during which Mark Abbot would like to hear our ideas regarding the Strategic Plan)

  • List of topics suggested were:
    • Renewables + energy efficiency
    • Land use/management/landscaping
    • Space/Building Management
    • Supply chain
    • Bikes
    • Transportation


  • Finalize list of sustainable topics to address at charrettes (STF members send to group or Steph)
  • Draft comments/suggestions you would like to present at the charrettes (STF members send to group)
  • Meet ahead of charrette and prioritize  topics so that we have a clear, consistent message (STF members)
  • Who can attend and convey suggestions?  Nov 7 =      Nov 14=  (let Steph know)
  • Formulate ideas for Green Space and send suggestions + exemplar links to Colin Reed (


#3  PermaCulture – We briefly discussed the concept of PermaCulture - Redesigning landscapes to maximize water retention and increase native vegetation. STF members are very interested in hearing more!


  • Invite Diane to present the concept after the holidays (SM- set up date + time)

#4 : Solar Canopy update – Steph summed up her conversation with Beaumont Solar who explained the complexities of installing solar carports/canopies in the Clark lot 1. Lot trends N-S, 2. Would need dual canopies – see Hydroids for example, 3. Rebates/incentives expire in Dec. but they could do a PPA (they own but we get discount of utility) – 50% of project would have to be installed by May to qualify for MA rebates. It’s possible but we’d have to act fast…or pursue alternative solar projects this fall.


  • Continue discussing solar possibilities – Fenno rooftop? (STF members)
  • Reach out to Falmouth Ice Arena, specifically Paul Moore, youth hockey director (PP, AH)

#5 Bikes –The Loaner Program run by the International Committee needs adoption. We discussed where this program needs to be ‘housed.’ Several suggested take it to the Staff Council to solicit recommendations.

  • Susan Mills is presently volunteering as new coordinator, Willie Hatfield is fixing the bikes, and Stephanie is handling datasheets + money
  • Liability waiver was previously drafted by Deb Hamel and external attorney, but it needs to be updated. Chris Land has the document and will update soon , after Staff Council discusses. (CL)


  • Bring discussion to Staff Council (DD + CR)
  • Finalize liability waiver (CL)
  • Solicit volunteer help to run the program (SM contact Joanne Tromp)
  • Consider fixing up Crowell Barn basement where 25 bikes are stored (DD)

#7 CDs/DVDs Recycling –We are challenged with what to do with old CDs +DVDs at Whoi.  We can’t recycle them in our Single-Stream Recycling Program, thus we are trying to find a repository for recycling. Since the meeting, Matt Agnese communicated with IS and drafted this:

“Please take all CD's, DVD's, Flash Drives, etc. to the WHOI IS Help Desk or, contact the help desk to find a way to get that media to them for appropriate and proper disposal.”


  • Confirm that IS will recycle these and not dispose of shredded materials in the landfill (MA+SM)
  • CDs are #7 plastic – Does Falmouth recycle that? call 1-800-352-7808 (SM)