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October 16, 2018

Attendance: Stephanie Madsen, Mai Maheigan, Seb Bigorre, Taylor Heyl

 #1 Recycling- Behind the Scenes – Lunch n Learn with Kari Parcell – Friday, Nov. 15th 12:15 Carriage House. Kari visited WHOI two years ago but so much has changed since then so we need an update. STF should give brief intro about our Nitrile Glove recycling program.


  • Bring nitrile glove recycling info – pdfs (SM)
  • Make flyer for event (done)

 #2  Switching from K-cup to Bunn Machines: New coffee machine available from WBMason (no charge) as long as you order the coffee pods from WBMason. See the STF website


 #3 Solar Update – new offsite solar farm is up and running (an additional 1 MW)- new site is carport at North End Motors in Canton, MA

  • Off-site solar arrays totaling 6 MW and over $321,000 in savings since Fall 2017
  • Rooftop solar – potential new projects (debrief of Sept 20 meeting with Donor)


  • Update STF solar slide now that we have 6 MW (vs. 5 MW) of off-site solar- SM
  • cal culate how much one solar panel costs (labor wrapped in) – potential way to ask for solar donations (SM)

#4 WSS Events

  • Repair Café – Thursday, Oct 24 from 4:00-6:00 Losos High Bay. WHOI techs show you how to repair small home appliances. RSVP needed.
  • Beekeeping Lunch n Learn – debrief + next fieldtrip to hives at Falmouth Academy (it was Oct 21)
  • Microplastics in the Ocean Lecture by Dr. Karen Lavender Law- Wednesday, Oct. 15 6:30 pm Lillie Auditorium, MBL RSVP Reception at Redfield to follow lecture
  • Water kiosk ribbon cutting – Waterfront Park (date TBD)

 Beekeeping Meetings – setting up for summer installation (Nov 5 10-11 Bigelow 217)


  • Danie Kinkade leading the Bee keeping charge – she planned Nov 5 meeting. Please reach out to her if you want to be on the Beekeeping listserve.

 #5   STF Garden Update - We are welcoming new gardeners in our plot near Challenger bldg and meet caretakers from neighboring plots.


  • Plan event to winterize Garden (SB)

 #6   Pollinator Garden in Village – Little Harbor Gardens finished plant installation on Sept 6. Check it out, it looks great! Should we add interpreter sign? Other ideas?

Put this on next month’s agenda – we didn’t have time to discuss

 #7  Update on Single-use Plastics at WHOI 2020.

Put this on next month’s agenda – we didn’t have time to discuss

New Business:  MIT’s program and weekly newsletter    Put this on next month’s agenda – we didn’t have time to discuss

  • Farmers’ Market – To help disseminate fall produce more broadly do we want a “Market Box” at WHOI?
  • Divesting from petroleum based investment funds…open discussion