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October 14, 2020

Attendance:   Bethany Fowler, Olga Kosnyreva, Lauren Dykman, Danie Kinkade, Karen Soenen, Kayleah Griffen, Stephanie Madsen,  Pam Polloni, Sebastien Bigorre

#1   Beach Clean-up Shore Lab – partnering with T3C + WHOI neighbors to create a monthly beach cleanup activity. First Thursday of each month at Noon. Meet at Gate by Shore lab with a bag, gloves, mask + hand sanitizer. Spend 30 minutes picking up trash along the beach.

  • Three volunteers attended the first cleanup on Oct. 1 (we hope to advertise and encourage more participation)


  • Select a leader for each month (SM) -Kevin Nikolaus and Sarah Youngs leading Nov. 5th
  • Disseminate Beach Cleanup flyers and spread the word (All)


#2  Whoi’s Your Buddy Program- much discussion took place because there are mentorship programs being developed in all departments, some at different program stages. There is an overarching attempt to streamline or centralize the mentorship program, and although the Buddy system will be different- less formal and more holistic, a centralized point is deemed important. Other committees at WHOI are working on inclusivity as well, so cross communication is essential.

The shared goal is that we need improvement in making all new employees feel welcome and supported.


  • Create google drive spreadsheet to brainstorm ideas (SM-done)
  • Recruit a working group- let me know if you are interested! (SM)
  • Continue discussions with other Committees – Workplace climate, women’s comm, JP students, etc.


#3  WSS (WHOI Social Sustainability)– With safety in mind and the need to feel connected, we are creating zoom Lunch n Learns and organizing hikes (where it’s easy to spread out)

  • Sandy Neck Hike- led by Seb on Saturday, Oct 24 at 10:00am – 12:00pm. It was an awesome hike!! But it’s hunting season so we had to stay on the beach face vs. saltmarsh.
  • Looking for Lunch and Learn volunteers. The following have been pitched (dates tbd):
    • Lunch n Learn – Minimalism discussion - Sibel Karchner
    • Lunch n Learn -Recreation Committee and YMCA update - Justin Ossolinski + Karen Soenen (or YMCA Rep)
  • Reflected on Flax Food Co-op Lunch and Learn – 32 Zoom attendees! There seems to be a lot of interest!
  • Summarized the Anti-Racism Reading Project, “Unlearning Racism in Geoscience’– URGE. This reading project will be launched in January…we can help encourage pods of reading groups at WHOI (more info to come this winter)


  • Schedule more hikes (SM with Seb, Kevin N + Sarah Y)
  • Schedule Lunch n Learns (SM with presenters)
  • Encourage new leaders to add events (it will be a long winter and we need to keep each other engaged with healthy options)


#4 Beehive update –Danie Kinkade + Karen Soenen gave a fantastic slide presentation updating us on the WHOI beehive installed by the Carpenter Shop. We hope to expand the audience and offer this presentation to all WHOI employees via a Lunch n Learn.


  • Schedule an all WHOI Lunch n Learn for a Beehive Update (tbd)


#5 Solar on Clark + So Roof - The 2nd net-metering permit passed and ReVision Energy plans to start installation in mid-October.


  • Solar installation started Monday, Oct. 26. Email all Clark + Clark South occupants about the Crane location and installation schedule (Oct 26 – Nov. 6…or later if weather conditions delay it)


#6 New Business                                                                                         

  •  WHOI Electric Vehicle video needed. Sebastien, Jayne Doucette and Steph Madsen met for an afternoon of filming. We’ll see the finished video product on Nov. 18th at MassEvolves Recognition Event.
  •  Use WHOI’s new branding and talking point guidelines when making videos or creating content for the outside world:

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