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October 10, 2013

STF meeting minutes: October 10th, 2013

Ambassador program:

  • Headline announcement
  • Contact department heads
  • Find an ambassador in each building, floor, departments, etc.

“Shut the Sash” initiative

  • Print stickers
    • Post stickers, direct mailing of stickers/info
    • Do a lab audit
  • Contact Jane in Graphics for help with Logo and Shut the Sash
    • Dollar Sign with arrow
    • Include STF logo
  • Baseline measurements
    • Baseline in Redfield lab

Self audit tools:

  • Green audit/pledge
  • Add Green Lab Checklist to lab inspections
    • One page max
    • Integrated with lab safety inspections

Green Tip of the Week:

  • Submit to WHOI Headlines

Update STF Website

Create monthly “standing” meeting