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November 20, 2013

STF meeting minutes: November 20th, 2013

1) Shut the Sash:

  •  200+ hoods at the institution.

Decision: order 250 - 300 stickers, based on how the ordering system breaks down.

  •  Placement: should stickers be placed on the glass of the hood or on the metal side panel?
  •  Funds for design and ordering through Facilities, as this is where the financial benefit will be seen.
  •  Different types of hoods: constant volume will not affected by closing the sash.

Decision: Specifically put stickers on all hoods that are not bypass hoods. Safety element still holds, but energy savings do not apply.

  •  Stickers will be attached by facilities staff, not by inspector, due to differences in pay rate.
  •  Text for sticker

Decision: "Save energy. Save money. Be safe."

  •  Promotion: WHOI Headlines, departmental meetings, message to departmental chairs from facilities, targeted email to hood owners (listserv).

2) WHOI Headlines:

  •  Biweekly tips included in headlines. Julie will start these next week.
  •  Will include website information
  •  Separate announcement for Shut the Sash program when it is rolling out.

3) Lab inspections:

  •  Should highlight what small actions can be taken to reduce energy use.
  •  Verbal incorporation instead of paper list, though pdf checklist can be available on the website.
  •  When discussing with lab owner, phrase specifically: "What do you do to reduce energy use?" vs. "do you have practices in place to reduce energy use?"

4) Online pledge system:

  •  Pledge sheet for labs to sign to say that they are committed to reducing energy use in their lab.
  •  Blind, or could ask when signing the pledge whether they want their lab to be identified as one that has signed the pledge (i.e., X labs at WHOI have signed the pledge, including Dr. Y, Dr. Z, etc).

5) Website:

  •  Continuing to update and revamp.
  •  Should include pdf of logo, shut the sash sticker, energy reduction checklist.