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November 19, 2009


Liz Caporelli, Anne Miller, Tina Bett, Rich Lovering, John Brinckerhoff, Valerie Caron, Dina Pandya, Lea Poisson, Paul Avery, Steve Molyneaux, Margaret Sulanowska, Patricia White, Mary Murphy, Judy Fenwick, Patricia Lake, Dave Derosier, Holly Moeller, Patricia Lake, Jonathan Murray, Ron Reif

Next Meeting: Dec. 17, 2009 11:10 a.m. MRF 204

Report on Purchasing Green Team (Rich, Judy and Valerie)

Charge: To promote Green Purchasing decisions within the WHOI community.  Gain Senior Level support to encourage “Green Purchasing” decisions as a practice to make WHOI more sustainable.  Utilize established “Green” alternatives for goods & services identified to meet specific standards by making use of the resources of the Procurement Office when in the best interests of the Institution.


  1. Implement Recycled Paper Standard for copy paper.
  2. Work with Procurement Office to encourage Vendors to offer more “Green” choices.

Tip: Beware of "Green Marketing"

Green marketing is the business term used to describe making money by promoting the 'environmentally friendly' aspects of a company, brand, product or, in the case of a politician or celebrity, even a person. The purpose of green marketing is to make a profit and increase market share by touting environmental claims.

Rich also discussed options for purchasing recycled paper and will continue to look into this for the Institution. Rich has spoken to our new CFO about purchasing recycled and more sustainable products. Ideas discussed about co-op purchasing.

Stock room should be informed to provide greener options including CFLs.

Purchasing group will continue to work on recycled paper option and other more sustainable purchasing. It is difficult to know what the best options are but there are resources and ratings that can help guide these purchases.

-Question on purchasing:  Are you going to try to coordinate purchasing power with the Woods Hole

Is the goal to pool together purchases to take advantage of pricing – if we all decided to order one kind of recycled paper.

-NFPA: National Science Protection Agency has article on greening buildings – article talks about how it could be problematic down the road.

-Need to do more full life-cycle analysis.

-NFPA:  points to LEED as credible source, but not all sources are credible.

-Natural Home:  magazine that is good about doing the research.

Transportation Green Team (Jonathon and Holly)

John B: Shipping:  Getting more expensive and more complicated – look for ways to streamline. Consolidate shipments or do direct shipments to our vessels.

  • Cycler Commuter Benefit:  $240/year, but WHOI HR dept. have to implement the benefit.  Tax benefit.
  • Leave America Bicyclists – be nice to be one of those businesses.
  • Common request to have more covered bike racks.
  • Carpool:  Mass Rides – sign up for a board –
  • Ride Share Page:  Joint Program Students have one but hardly ever use it. – We could use it as a place to collect all info on ride shares and other info to aid with greener transportation.
  • Bike To Work Day:  May
  • Transportation Site on WHOI Site – Transportation Green Team can use that to build on.

Information on WHOI drinking water purchases (Steve Molyneaux)

WHOI pays $26k/year to Poland Spring. – but that number includes $5 deposit on each bottle. Looking into the option of replacing the water jugs with water filters. Less money and transportation of bottles of water. Need to be located near water feed. Will provide more information on this option.

Other news and information

  • Copenhagen Climate Conference:  Woods Hole Contingent going  under Umbrella of WHRC. Judy Fenwick attending will discuss sustainability issues with Susan Avery.
  • Women’s Committee will be hosting a buy local event on Jan 21st and has asked for STF participation. Plan for discussion at next meeting.

Agenda for Dec. 17 meeting

  • Green Team Report from Food & Water:
    • Review team charge
    • Bring a tip to the next meeting
    • Bring an outline/action plan for your team
    • Review the checklist for your team area
  • Communications Green Team Institution  announcement
  • Roll out plan
  • Brief updates from each Green Teams
  • STF participation in Women's Committee Buy Local event