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November 18, 2015

STF Meeting Minutes

Date: November 18, 2015

Location: MRF 204

Present: Dave Derosier, Paul Avery, Rick Galat, Dina Pandya, Sebastien Bigorre, Charlotte Wiman, Mary Lardie, Ken Kostel, Ann Devenish, Ron Reif and Stephanie Madsen

Agenda Item

#1  Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations: Located at two sites (4 ports total) - Shiverick lot and Clark South. They are powered up! An announcement was submitted to Headlines and EV owners are encouraged to register as members on website: For details contact Janet Uttaro

Action:  Add EV information to STF Website (JU)

#2 Nitrile Recyclable Gloves–All systems go, ready to launch the program! Mary Lardie and Stephanie Madsen will manage the program. Supporting documents will be uploaded on STF website:


  • Program launch via word of mouth, train members in interested labs + provide collection boxes + pickups (SM + ML).

#3 Climate Consortium + Metering partnership- with Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC)

Team met with Tom Stone, Greg Fiske + Joe Hackler to share metering options for WHOI. These inexpensive meters will provide individual building energy data management + monitoring capabilities via a dashboard display. The objective of this pilot program is to provide baseline data for 4 buildings (that aren’t presently metered separately), allowing us to measure success (as in dollars saved) for launched energy saving campaigns.


  • Draft a spreadsheet highlighting buildings in pilot program (Fenno, Challenger, Bell + Server Room-CIS), ask Steve Gagnon to determine phase (single or 3 phase) of each building (SM)
  • Order Cost Current Meter (CCM) + Raspberry Pi (RP) units of the Fiske Meter System (DD)
  • Set up Seminar with WHRC as guest presenters– Greg + Joe (we think lots of people will be interested)- for January (SM)

#4 : Building Rep Pilot Program update:L’Hirondelle House (EH+S) needs insulation in attic before winter arrives. Members interested in Xerox copier lease program (to save redundancy + energy)- see

for more details (on right – “Managing Copiers at Whoi”)


  • Schedule Building Rep Pilot Meeting to regroup all Reps and launch next phase (SM+Reps)
  • Contact Cape Light Compact (CLC) for energy audit for L’Hirondelle- insulation to follow (SM)
  • Begin Kick the Can campaign-Dave suggested I meet with him alternating Fridays to move forward with this effort (SM+ DD)

#5  Composting- Tom Nemmers, executive project manager for events, showed sincere interest in adding composting to his budget. He will speak with Roland the caterer + Denise Barnett about composting at events. Dave mentioned offering an auxiliary composting bucket available at the Buttery – he’ll talk to Steve Senior about it.


#6 Community Grants, Solar- Megan Amsler, Director of, recommends WHOI looks into funding for solar provided by USDA (we are considered ‘rural’ and may qualify for grants). She also suggests perhaps utilizing “private” branch of WHOI which will qualify for 30% rebate offers.  There was talk in the committee about tax benefits evaporating by end of 2016 (aka, move fast on this while the benefits + rebates still exist)


  • Setup a meeting with Dave, Rick, Steph, Megan Amsler + Joe Hackler to get additional solar consultation (SM)

#7 Bike Update – To continue with needed progress, the committee decided to create a Bike Subcommittee (consisting of Rick, Ken, Sebastien + Stephanie). We will meet separately to keep progress on bike storage and bike share program moving along.


  • Contact bike subcommittee, write agenda, and set up next meeting (RG)

#8 Survey WHOI employees –


  • Generate list of polling questions to be posted on Headlines (Dina + SM)