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May 20, 2015

STF Meeting Minutes + Earth Day Follow up

Date: May 20, 2015
Location: Clark 237
Present: Dave Derosier, Dan Lopes, Valerie Caron, Ann Devinish, Sebastien Bigorre, Stephanie Madsen

Agenda Item #1: Website Update

  • Updates highlighting 2014 improvements needed on STF’s website


  • Send 2014 updates to Dina to post on STF Website (DD)


#2 : Paper Towels Stickers – Take the One Paper Towel Challenge

  • The Sticker has been applied to all WHOI bathroom towel dispensers…if you see any missing from your building please let me know and we’ll get you some


  • No Action – unless we missed a few places.
  • Think about next sticker to create…Powerdown printers + computers sticker suggested (STF)


#3: Plug Loads – Review Data Logger Spreadsheets

  • Action:  Review + Modify Data Logger spreadsheets + create user friendly protocol and spreadsheet for calculating lab energy use. (Stephanie + Sebastien)
  • Action:  Design powerdown sticker for printer + computer application (STF Members)


#4Building Rep Update:

  • MRF Walk Through scheduled for Thursday, June 11 at 1:30 with Allesandro, Dave + Steph
  • Ron – need to schedule Pilot Building Walk through with Dave for Hot Labs


  • Schedule Bldg walkthrough with Ron (RR+ DD)
  • Schedule Bldg Rep Follow up meeting TBD (SM, DD)


#5  Intern with Megan Amsler (Cape Cod Self Reliance)

  • Megan Amsler hired a summer intern for Whoi from the Clean Energy Center (CEC) to analyze and normalize our 2014 utility bills. This may provide us with Baseline utility data. The Self-Reliance organization has the software needed to run the utility values and the intern will work with Megan at her office.


  • Set up meeting with Megan (SM + DD)
  • Gather/copy monthly 2014 utility bills (DD)


#6  Potable Water at WHOI

  • Many STF members interested in offering filtered water in every building (vs. Poland Spring delivery)


  • Look into what costs would be do make that happen i.e. infrastructure, plumbing etc. (DD)


#7  Procurement Corner:

  • K-Cups – ordering K-cups through WB Mason might not work….Matt Agnese will have more info.
  • Belkin Conserve Sockets – Can we buy in bulk at a cheaper cost? charges $10.15/unit


  • Find better cost on Belkin Conserve Sockets ($10.15 each on (MA)
  • Individuals talk to their department Admins about purchasing alternatives or abandoning K cups(STF members)
  • Purchases in General – Please contact Matt Agnese for new purchases. His team can help you find greener options, streamline purchases, offer better prices via negotiations etc.  Stop ordering from Amazon and send him an email.


#8  Sustainability Awareness

  • STF slide will be presented WHOI’s monthly New Employee Orientation (next one in June). Julie Fawkes has our slide and she’s onboard with the idea.  We would only need 5-10 minutes during the orientation and use the ppt slide as a source of info.
  • Graphics creating sign for Recycling Bins for special events…something like “Please Recycle..Keeping WHOI a Sustainable Institution.” We plan to have recycling bins + sign at the Under the Waves event on June 7


  • Present STF slide during WHOI’s New Employee Orientation …next one scheduled for June (SM, Dina, Ann Devenish


#9: Electric Vehicle charging station Debrief.

  • Locations determined – Clark South + School Street Lot

Action:  Select Vendor (procurement is helping with this effort (DD)


#10 Carpooling – increase carpooling options + communication at WHOI

  • Doing research at Ride Board options at other institutions. Our goal is to set something up on our STF website.

Action:  Investigate Ride Board options on-line (SM + Interns)


#11 Alternative Energy Options at WHOI

  • Will we see solar panels, solar carports or wind turbines on WHOI campus?


  • Looking into Rec purchases with BlueWave Capital (DD)
  • Solar Carports in Quissett Parking lot (DD)
  • Solar panels on roofs – investigating options (DD)