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May 18, 2016

STF Meeting Minutes

Date: May 18, 2016

Location: Clark 237

Present: Paul Avery, Dan Lopes, Kristen Esser, Max Besser, Sean Medeiros, Dina Pandya, Sebastien Bigorre, Julia Gauglitz, Matt Yorston, Andrea Harvey and Stephanie Madsen

Agenda Item

#1  STF Meeting Times – Because of Shuttle Schedule, STF meetings on the Quissett Campus will begin at 1:10, whereas meetings in the Village will begin at 1:00

#2 WSS (WHOI Social Sustainability)

  • WSS Campaign kicked off with Bocce on the Buttery lawn with 12 attendees. It was a gorgeous day and positive feedback was received.
  • Many events are planned throughout the month of June and July as STF members continue to add events to the calendar.  If you would like to add an event, please contact Stephanie (
  • Attempt to use WSS Google shared calendar (Steph set it up and Matt Yorston working to include/invite STF Members)
  • For each hosted event, the leader needs to follow the advertising protocol:
    • Generate poster listing event, date, time + location (ask Steph for template)
    • Send poster to Joanne Tromp ( she’ll disseminate to AP-Admins (includes all Admins in all Departments)
    • Write up your event in Headlines submission style and submit to 2 weeks in advance (contact Steph for example)
    • Day before event – remind Joanne Tromp to disseminate event info to Event Editors (this list-serve includes all Whoi employees)


  • Generate poster for June events + submit to JTromp ( SM)
  • Work on WSS Google Calendar (Matt)
  • Meet with Recreation Committee – June 1 at noon in Clark 509. Goal is to add more WSS events + purchase lawn games (bocce + cornhole).
  • Work with Graphics to tweak WSS logo colors, and print poster (with stake) to bring to events (SM)
  • Check on Shed availability in front of Walsh Cottage (Dan Lopes) – feedback from Dan is that the existing shed is being used for chem drum storage and is not available to us. Steph working with Rick Galat to explore purchase of new shed specifically to house lawn games.
  • Encourage lab/office mates to attend events!

 #3 Clean Energy Center Intern (CEC) – Megan Amsler at Cape + Islands Self-Reliance non-profit is interviewing interns. One intern will be available to help us with STF activities + projects throughout the summer. Tasks for intern include:

  • monitoring eGauge metering data at Bell, Challenger, Fenno + Server room in Clark. Analyze for inconsistencies and identify ways to save money on energy bill.
  • analyzing 2014(?) utility data
  • help in facilitating WSS events (Whoi Social Sustainability)
  • update STF Website / and outdated transportation webpages (
  • power down sticker campaign (help Andrea)
  • solar parking lot research



  • Follow-up with Megan for intern start date (SM)
  • Discuss intern priorities (DD + SM)
  • Hand off Power Down sticker ideas with intern (AH)

#4 : Metering eGauge update:All eGauges have been installed (Fenno, Bell, Challenger + Computer Server Room). Waiting on ethernet cable connections – Matt Yorston in IS handling connectivity (MY)


  • Send Matt links from Greg Fiske regarding coding for eGauges and dashboard software (SM)
  • Meet with IS to discuss eGauge data storage (SM+MY- June 3 @10:00am)

#5 EV Charging Stations- We discussed user feedback, rate in particular. Several users think rate of $1.25 per hour is too high


  • Analyze actual costs of running EV stations including internet connectivity fees per port/year and replacement of hardware (SB+SM)
  • Discuss if it makes sense to drop rate (STF)
  • Bring EV users together in meeting format to discuss rates and whether they want internet connectivity (SM)

#6  WHOI Appreciation Picnic–  STF will host an informational table at the June 7 Appreciation event. Also, please note that thanks to Patty Mahoney’s efforts, composting will take place at the event!


  • Set up table at event and bring slides/poster highlighting what we do. (SM + AH)
  • Contact Mary Ryther at Compost With Me or composting services (PM)