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March 19, 2014

Date: March 19, 2014

Location: MRF 204

Present: Valerie Caron, Dave Derosier, Ann Devenish, Lea Fraser, Dan Lopes, Stephanie Madsen, Jonathan Murray, Dina Pandya, Ron Reif, and Laela Sayigh

Facilitator: Stephanie Madsen

Agenda Item #1: Meeting schedule

  • Third Wednesday of every month at 1PM alternating between Quissett and Village

Action:Reserve rooms and announce locations (DP, SM)

Agenda Item #2: The agenda

  • Agreement to have agendas issued prior to meetings

ActionIssue agendas (SM)

Agenda Item #3: Feedback on Earth Day poster

  • More white space, revise wording, modify layout, include $ amounts where applicable, edit green tips, remove sash symbol, include ‘Did you know’ and ‘What can I do’

Actions: Make changes and issue draft two of poster to STF members (SM).

  • Provide final review (SM, DD, DP)
  • Check with CFO for approval to broadcast utility bill on poster and will get waste hauler # (DD)
  • Add a QR code to website and poster (DP)

Agenda Item #4: Hood assessment update

  • Costs $2-$4K to run main part of hood

Action: Continuing to work on PI and hood assignments (DD)

Agenda Item #5: STF Intern

  • Reviewed suggested tasks, removed survey hoods due to safety concerns, SM already received one resume, propose 20 hrs/weekconcerns raised about desk space, and supervision

Actions:Follow-up with CFO for approval (DD), Add CIS activities to tasks (JM)

Agenda Item #6: Shut the sash labels

  • Need to inform PIs prior to deployment
  • Goal is to have many labels posted by Earth Day 2014

Action: Complete list of PIs/hoods and notify (DD)

Miscellaneous Action Items:

  • Email the draft mission statement for review and feedback (LF)
  • Include STF checklist as a link in EH&S inspection reports (RR, DL)
  • Review existing checklists on STF website (all)

Future Agenda Items:

  • Vendor fair Earth Day 2015 to include such vendors as Cape Light Compact, Mass Save, solar companies
  • Create a comprehensive green tip poster to include with new employee and student orientation packets
  • Bike Week

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014, Village, location TBD