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March 18, 2015

STF Meeting Minutes

MRF 204

Present: Valerie Caron, Ann Devenish, Ken Kostel, Paul Avery, Stephanie Madsen

Agenda Item #1: Guest Speakers

  • Guest Speaker Hilde Maingay + Earle Barnhart April 14 at 4:00 Clark 507
  • Debrief Megan Amsler’s talk – general consensus that attendance would increase if talk held on Quisset Campus vs. Village.


  • Create poster and advertise presentation through Joanne Tromp. Title of talk: “Waste Not – Ecological Strategies  for Cape Cod” (SM)
  • Generate check/tax deductible donation for “The Green Center” $200.00 (SM)

#2 : Paper Towels

  • The Sticker is completed and graphics poised to print. Total count in bathrooms = 132 paper towel dispensers


  • Print 132 stickers (DP with help from Graphics)
  • Apply stickers to Dispensers (SM, DD- will facilities or security employee’s help?)

#3Building Rep Update:

  • Sebastian’s Docs for Building Reps: members are interested in posting these helpful docs on their door. Sebastien attached a bulletin board to his office door and pinned the documents. Docs included recycling info, print in Garamond Font, One Paper Towel Challenge – shake + fold

Use Garamond Font (This doc is typed in Garamond…it saves 20% on ink costs)

  • Bldg Rep Follow Up Meeting – It’s agreed that April 8 is too early (DD + PA have lots of reporting due April 15). We briefly discussed Whoi’s Green House Gas Reporting – members would like to know more.
  • Ron + Allesandro – Still need to do initial Pilot Building Walk through with Dave
  • Utility Bill Baseline data with CEC Summer intern- Waiting for Megan Amsler to contact us


  • Send Paul, Dave and Matt Agnese the Building Rep Documents + Walk Through Write ups (SM)
  • Send Sebastien’s Bldg Rep Docs to the group (SM)
  • Schedule Bldg Rep Follow up meeting (SM, DD)

#4  Earth Day STF Info Dissemination (Wednesday, April 22)

  • Set up table at the Buttery and offer information to Whoi employees
  • Members agreed that we do not need to generate another Earth Day Poster. Last years is still very effective.  Perhaps we update it every 2 years.


  • Check with Steve at the Buttery to ensure that he’s okay with us setting up table (SM)- Done, he is supportive
  • Schedule a subcommittee meeting to discuss what information and materials we should share (SM)

#5  Sustainability Awareness

  • It was suggested that we use a ppt slide to convey STF’s mission, meeting dates, + efforts. Stephanie generated one to display before guest speaker events…it’s being edited.
  • Would be effective to have a STF member address Sustainability at Whoi’s monthly New Employee Orientation. SM spoke with Julie Fawkes and she’s onboard with the idea.  We would only need 5-10 minutes during the orientation and use the ppt slide as a source of info.
  • SM is meeting with Matt Agnese to explore Procurements role for increasing Whoi’s sustainability efforts. Meeting scheduled for March 24th.


Send STF Slide to Julie Fawkes. She will add it to the orientation agenda (SM)

Meet with Matt Agnese – Procurement (SM)

Items not fully addressed but still important:

#6: Plug Loads review- we need a user friendly write up or Help Sheet for Website and Earth Day Table.

Action:  We need someone to write up user friendly help sheet (Jonathan?)

#7: Electric Vehicle charging station Debrief.

Action:  Select locations for EV Charging Stations