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March 16, 2016

STF Meeting Minutes

Date: March 16, 2016

Location: MRF 204

Present: Dave Derosier, Pam Polloni, Dan Lopes, Valerie Caron , Ann Devenish, Charlotte Wiman, Kristen Esser, Max Besser,  Kevin Kavanagh, Patty Mahoney, Sebastien Bigorre, John Krauspe and Stephanie Madsen

Agenda Item

#1   STF Meeting Times – We will shift meeting times on the Quissett Campus to accommodate the shuttle schedule.  Therefore, MRF meetings begin at 1:10, and Village (Bigelow) will continue to meet at 1:00.

Action:  Update meetings time to reflect this change on our STF Website (DP)

#2  Social Sustainability at WHOI: WSS logo was selected. It was a close race but version #3 will be the logo for WHOI Social Sustainability.


  • Notify Graphics of our selection (SM)
  • Consult with Joanne Trump about adding WSS section to bottom of weekly Headlines (people will know to look for social events there, and events can include community social activities that may appeal to our employees as well) (SM)
  • Schedule a WSS event – Ping Pong? (SM + anyone want to help me?)

#3  The Buttery – Composting + Vegetarian options. We discussed feedback on both items based on some information given by Steve Senior. We had support from facilities for the following (Dave, please confirm):

  • Increase quantity of composting buckets at the Buttery x 3 to 75 gallons per week (DD checking on this)
  • Internal Whoi composting was discussed in terms of finding volunteers who want to pick up compost from participants and deliver and maintain compost piles at 2 WHOI gardens
  • Offer veggie soup daily. We discussed challenges to this but it turns out that Steve Senior has been offering 1 veggie and 1 meat soup option daily for the past 2 weeks.  Both have been selling so he will continue to offer veggie soup.  He advertised this in Headlines last week.


  • Find out if WHOI gardens have compost piles (SS + DD)
  • Solicit volunteers for managing this internal composting program via Headlines (SM). We will only run this program if volunteers step forward.

#4  On-line STF Survey – We briefly discussed survey results, and concluded that we need to dedicate a specific meeting time to analyze results. Computer and projector will be needed.


  • Post March 30 at Noon (12:10 for those traveling from Village), MRF 204 Survey Meeting on Headlines (SM + DD)

#5  Recycling – It was brought to our attention that our recycling bins, especially in high traffic areas such as Clark 507, aren’t clearly marked with proper lids and signs.


  • Replace lids on recycle bins and add “Single Stream” poster to side of bin (DD)
  • Encourage Boxed Lunch users to recycle can or plastic bottle (DD+SS)…should we put stickers on side of box as reminder?

#6  Building Rep Pilot Program update


  • Confirm Blake Building Walk Through with Kevin + Dave for Friday, April 1 at 9:00 am (SM, DD)
  • Contact Procurement about where to place Toner Recycling Boxes and talk to Dept. Admins (Charlotte)
  • Update website with new Datalogger Manual + add pics of Timers (SM+ DP)
  • Add “What Not to Recycle” pic to the STF website Recycling Page (SM + DP)

#7 Metering installation-  eGauges + CTs have arrived (Jonathan brought an example to the meeting to show members).

Objective is to install eGauges at 4 different sites at WHOI to monitor energy closely. Four sites include: Computer Server room, Fenno, Bell House + Challenger


  • Install eGauges in box units (Steve Gagnon + Joe Hackler), modify dashboard (Greg Fiske) and being monitoring our energy data!

#8 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations –

Action:  EV drivers are urged to contact Janet Uttaro ( with feedback and concerns, such as price presently being charged at WHOI. Janet is managing the program and should be the go-to person.

#9 CEC Intern – Megan Amsler at Reliance is willing to host an intern for us and monitor their work.


  • Send Megan a list of tasks an intern could accomplish this summer (SM +DD)