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June 24, 2015

STF Meeting Minutes

Date: June 24, 2015
Location: Bigelow 217
Present: Dave Derosier, Allesandro Bocconcelli , Valerie Caron, Sebastien Bigorre, Charlotte Wiman, Miranda Cashman, Michelle O’Donnell, Jessie Pearl + Stephanie Madsen

Related docs (on right):  Trash Can Flyer draft, Compost With Me cost sheet, Nitrile Glove Recycling Program

Agenda Item

#1: Website Update- Updates highlighting 2014 improvements needed on STF’s website

Action:  Send 2014 updates to Dina to post on STF Website (DD)


#2 : Building Rep Pilot Program update:


  • Ron– Building Walk through with Dave…July? (RR)


  • Disseminate large trash bins to buildings in Pilot Program (they are being stored in Loft of MRF)…these will replace small office trash bins in an effort to centralize bins. We need to finalize the flyer to advertise the can campaign (SM)…see draft of flyer attached – please offer suggestions + modifications (STF members).


  • Dataloggers – Create Datalogger How to Use Handbook (SM)


  • Dave is investigating automated timers that will shut down printers + computers at night (Cape Light Compact may help fund the purchase of these timers). Generate list of qualified units (Building Reps)


  • Schedule Building Rep follow-up meeting (SM + DD)


#3  Clean Energy Center (CEC) Interns (Cape Cod Self Reliance hosting them)

  • Megan Amsler hired a summer intern for Whoi from the Clean Energy Center (CEC) to analyze and normalize our 2012 utility bills -This will provide us with Baseline utility data. The Self-Reliance organization has the software needed to run the utility values and the interns will work with Megan at her office to generate a plan of action for Whoi.
  •  Dave met with the 3 interns (and Steph) in June and gave them a comprehensive tour of many Whoi buildings highlighting HVAC systems and controls.


#4  Potable Water at WHOI

  • Many STF members interested in offering filtered water in every building (vs. Poland Spring delivery)
  • Suggestions were made to get rid of the heating element on the Poland water units (unnecessary energy waste and unhealthy deposit build-up)


  • Look into costs of transitioning qualifying buildings to Quench water filtration i.e. infrastructure, plumbing etc. (DD + MA)
  • Investigate costs of Poland water dispensers sans the heating element (DD+ MA)


#5  Procurement Corner:

  • Nitrile Recyclable Gloves– members suggest we offer these green gloves at the stockroom (package of 200)
  • Belkin Conserve Sockets – Can we buy in bulk at a cheaper cost? charges $10.15/unit


  • Find better cost on Belkin Conserve Sockets ($10.15 each on (MA)
  • Individuals talk to their department Admins about purchasing alternatives or abandoning K cups(STF members)
  • Purchases in General – Please contact Matt Agnese for new purchases. His team can help you find greener options, streamline purchases, offer better prices via negotiations etc.  Stop ordering from Amazon and send him an email.


#6  Composting:

  • There’s lots of interest in increasing composting efforts on Whoi grounds (i.e. annual picnic).  Local vendor “Compost With Me” is available for events. Cost sheet is attached.
  • Buttery participates in composting with this business each week.
  • Suggestions were made to compost coffee grinds in each building by purchasing small plastic carbon lidded composting buckets specifically for coffee.  To make this effort successful, we need someone to offer to pick up bucket contents weekly and either compost grinds at one of our gardens, or arrange for pickup by Compost With Me (in the latter case, payment would be required).

Action:  We need a composting passioniste’ to take on this valuable effort (TBD)


#7  Recycling Nitrile Gloves:

Mary Lardie (Nosams Dept) investigated recycling nitrile glove opportunities with Kimberly-Clark. She highlighted the program details and would like to launch the program as soon as possible.  STF fully embraces the effort and will begin the campaign.


  • Disseminate glove recycling information to Whoi employees via Headlines. (SM + ML)
  • Provide posters + collection boxes to labs interested in participating (SM + ML)


  • Periodically collect gloves and store in large boxes in Whoi’s warehouse until 500 lbs are collected (SM, ML + possible Capabilities clients)
  • Ship 500 lb pallet (once collected) to Kimberly-Clark- Dave has agreed to pay shipping costs (DD)