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June 18, 2014

STF Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2014
Bigelow 217

In attendance: Stephanie Madsen, Kallie Leschen-Lindell, Dave Derosier, Jonathan Murray, Dina Pandya, Ken Kostel, Ann Devenish, Valerie Caron

Lab surveys

  • Kallie has started surveying various labs and measuring energy consumption of equipment
  • discussion of using a few labs as samples so that we can begin to quantify the potential savings
  • identifying freezers and refrigerators around campus that can be emptied of old samples or consolidated and then providing tips for purchasing new energy efficient refrigerators
  • the steps used in assessing labs could go onto STF site so that other labs can refer to them

Discussion of a Woods Hole Earth Day next year

  • contact CLC now to give months in advance notice about a potential event
  • guidelines for replacing dehumidifiers, buying LED lights etc. at event

Electric Car Charging Station

  • Kallie will talk to Megan Amsler on Falmouth Energy Committee about whether the town is still able to pay for the stations
  • potentially one in Clark lot, one in the village

Atlas water filters

  • Where on campus is it possible to make the switch based on price and willingness to do so?

Green Tips List

  • Kallie will start compiling a Green Tips list based on CLC tips or Harvard’s sustainability program so that these can be available on the STF’s webpage and WHOI Headlines.

Prioritized Intern Task list

  • Went through Intern Suggested Responsibilities and prioritized the tasks for Kallie to tackle. Feel free to make suggestions or additions!