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June 17, 2020

Attendance:   Dina Pandya, Sebastien Bigorre, Stephanie Madsen,  Mai Maheigan, Amanda Sutherland, Colin Reed, Helen Harding, Kelsey Perry + Maggie Paul (CEC Interns)

#1   MassEvolves EV Program Pledge

  • The EV Pledge was signed May 27, 2020
  • We discussed the Pledge + Action Plan


  • Send the EV Action Plan to STF group for review (SM-done)
  • Add WHOI vehicle mileage info for Shuttle and transits in the Action Plan (SM-done)
  • Review with Leynah McGarghan of MassEvolves to finalize (SM)

#2  STF’s Instagram Account- Mai, Kelsey, and Helen gave an update of our Instagram account – not formally launched but in planning phase. Approval to create this account was given by the Communications team in March 2020. The Insta Team created a google doc to list posts, content, resources etc and created a folder for a photo library


  • Add photos to the library – can be photos of you at work or home, your solar panels, garden, anything sustainably related (ALL)
  • Add post entries to spreadsheet -we’ll rely on this bank of posts after we launch. (Mai, Helen, Kelsey, Steph)
  • For future – create a submission form for all to engage and Insta Team will curate (Mai or Helen?)
  • Link to our STF website and WHOI’s Internal page (DP)
  • Develop policy if we’ll allow comments or not (Insta Team)

#3  Solar – Clark and Clark So. Installation scheduled for July – 96kw (AC)

Strategize next installation …NQF, Dorms, Carport?

  • NQF (new building near Losos slated to be completed by fall 2021) – BTM (behind the meter)
  • Rooftop - $147,000 (138 panels)= $1,065/panel
  • Carport - $1.4 million (861 panels)= $1,626/panel


  • Share results with WHOI’s development team – to explore donor options (SM)
  • Plan some sort of celebration after Clark Solar is installed (ALL)

#4  LED fixture installation in Redfield – Fixture installation occurred in May, 2020, and although up to 20% of energy can be saved, the installation did not go smoothly (reasons partially due to Covid concerns i.e. mask rules, others because of custom requests due to experiments and optical needs). How can we have a more positive experience with these LED light installs? It was suggested that we should broaden our communication with building occupants both before and after the LED installation experience. The CEC interns kindly offered to generated before/after handouts for occupants.


  • Create LED before+ after flyers/handouts for building occupants (CEC interns – drafts done)
  • Publish testimonials from occupants. Sebastien offered one, we need one more (please email Steph)

#5  Check in with CEC Interns Maggie Paul and Kelsey Perry:

  • EV flyers for WHOI employees (to encourage purchase of EV)- work with MassEVolves
  • Research composting grant for Buttery Cafe - ~$3,000/year needed
  • Create ShareWare bin (there may be a microgrant with MassDEP for this)- Maggie (done)
  • Update energy data in Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • Update WHOI’s 2017 Climate Action Plan (on hold)
  • Generate Sustainability communication strategies geared towards scientists
  • Create How to fight climate change during Covid flyer (CES suggested we check with EH+S regarding air exchanges)- draft created with Helen
  • Advertise Black Earth Compost as new Falmouth/WH commercial composting vendor
  • LED installation handouts (Kelsey + Maggie – draft done)

#6  Stirling freezers -   The $3,000 energy efficiency rebate from Cape Light Compact decreases to $1,200 by 2021


  • Write a Headline entry advertising the Stirling rebate and how it will decrease in 2021 (SM)

# 7  Beekeeping Update - The Beekeeping team is making great strides with a beehive/box setup.

  • Contact Danie Kinkade if you’d like to volunteer and to be added to the beekeeping list serve.
  • Fill out the liability waiver
  • Sign up to volunteer on the Google Calendar

#8  New Business

  • STF received a $1,800 grant from the Woods Hole Association to purchase 10 used bikes for our Bike Loaner Program – June 2020