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February 15, 2017

Present:  Ken Kostel, Dina Pandya, Pam Polloni, Sebastien Bigorre Charlotte Wiman, Sean Medeiros, Matt Agnese, Bryce Corlett, David Carter, Ali LaBella, Stephanie Madsen 

#1  WSS Events

  • Hike on Quissett Campus – early March - tbd (Steph)
  • Winter Formal date – YES, Saturday, March 4 @ 9 pm @ Cpt. Kidd
  • T3C Fundraiser at Grumpy’s with Puffy Elvis + Anejo burrito bus – Friday, March 24, 5:00-9:00


  • Schedule hike for March  (SM)
  • Confirm (Trash + Trash) cleanup – March 22 (Seb) @ noon (bring gloves + receptacle) – consult with Steamship to partner
  • Set date for Cape Cod Baseball League game (David)
  • Schedule Botany walk on Quissett Campus with Pam Polloni (PP)
  • Schedule Ice Skating Event (CW)

#2  Guest Speakers -  Permaculture presentation feedback (well attended last week)

  • Next speaker – Wendi Buesseler – Oyster Pond Environmental Trust (OPET)- The organization is conserving and maintaining 22 acres of ex-Whoi land in environmental trust– Friday, March 24 – Noon at Carriage House
  • Composting at Home – Anne-Marie Runfola- date tbd
  • Should we Show movie Tapped? It’s a film about the bottled water industry. Vineyard Conservation Society showed it recently and had offered zero waste snacks at the event and a discussion followed
  • Thoughts about other guest speakers?  Or topics?  Perhaps goal should be 4 speakers per year?


  • Schedule Wendi Buesseler  OPET talk (SM)- Friday, March 24 – Noon at Carriage House
  • Film-Tapped, order film (SM) _Schedule Showing (SM)
  • Contact Jack Sidar of T3C and schedule talk (SM)
  • Schedule Ann Marie for Compost talk (KK)

#3  Strategic Plan + charrettes – recap how the Feedback Sessions went on Jan 20 + 25

  • List of sustainable considerations for plan:
    • Renewables + energy efficiency
    • Land use/management/landscaping
    • Space/Building Management
    • Supply chain
    • Bikes
    • Transportation


  • Emphasize need for permeable parking if Shiverick lot is expanded (SM+All)
  • Continue with Bike momentum and need for inside storage (All)
  • Schedule Bike Subcommittee meeting – March 8 at 10:00 am at Coffee O-Village

#4 Sustainable Business Cards:

  • is now set up as a Whoi Vendor and options are uploaded on Graphics/Resources/Business Cards

#5  Employee Orientation – Sustainability at WHOI will be covered for each New Employee Orientation

#6 Bike Update –

  • Loaner Program inherited from International Committee – Facilities will oversee program
  • Bike Friendly Business status for Whoi – applying for status (due in June?)
  • Bike storage – basement Carriage House, Crowell Barn?
  • Bike Subcommittee schedule meeting follow up – March 8


  • Schedule Painting session – David + Ali kindly agreed to paint loaner bikes (D+A)
  • Buy paint and brushes (SM)

#7  Cardboard Recycling at Whoi – dumpter map + printout


  • Get Map of Cardboard Dumpters from Steve Senior (SM)
  • Make magnetic signs to affix to cardboard + single stream dumpsters (SM)

#8  Building Reps – schedule the following building walk throughs with reps:

  • Fenno – Colin Reed (finish walk-through)- March 3?
  • Clark 2nd Fl wing- Kim Deisher
  • Nobska House- Patty Mahoney (after Open Enrollment!)
  • Shiverick – Danie KinKade – March 10?


  • Finish Fenno Walk Through (SM+ CR)
  • Shiverick Walk Through on Friday, March 10th? (SM +DK)

#9 MassSustainability Communities Conference:  March 17, 2017

  • Steph + Alex B. and Sebastien registered.
Buisness Cards