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July 19, 2017

Attendance:  Pam Polloni, Bryce Corlett, Sebastien Bigorre, Holly Wilson, Dan Lopes, Samantha Thywissen, Valerie Caron, Stephanie Madsen

#1 Beach Cleanup at Surf Drive- with Skip the Straw group, SEA, T3C- Discussion centered on success of cleanup and great photos that were taken (thanks Simon!)

  • Location was great because of parking availability and access to dumpster + scale to weigh trash


  • Schedule this cleanup annually – will create long term data set (SM)

#2 Solar Fair –July 27th from 8:00am-1:00pm in Clark Lobby. Experts from the solar field were available to answer questions for both rooftop and off-site solar installations. Rebates available for mini-split AC units, and solar hot water heaters

  • Thanks for Ann + Simon for volunteering!
  • Chevy Bolt was available for test drives!


  • Schedule this event annually – feedback was very positive and turn out great! (SM)


#3  Alternative Vehicles – discussions revolved around future vehicle purchases at Whoi and the desire to invest in electric vehicles in particular. The challenge is finding vehicles that are competitively priced. See research results conducted by Sebastien + Valerie on page 2.


  • Review documents/links provided by Seb + Valerie (All)
  • Discuss options with Facilities  (DD + SM)
  • Create sub-committee for writing grants to help fund purchases (Seb, Pam + SM)


#4  Solar at WHOI Update –

  • Presently reviewing a contract from Revision for installation on Fye + McLean. Permit has been signed but contract not yet approved by our legal team.


#5  Bike Update – Discussions of week-long fall rentals concluded with agreement to rent bikes for $20/week with a $10 deposit return for the Science Journalists.

  • 7 people on Bike Loaner Waitlist – Program big success!
  • Bike storage – Basement Carriage House – Ready to go!
  • Bike Storage Container for Clark South was delivered- we picked a bright green color – can host 15 bikes


  • Post signs at each bike storage location: Swift, Carriage House, Green Container (SM + Carpenters)
  • Green container needs lock installed with combo (SM+ GW)
  • Advertise bike storage units on Headlines (SM)
  • Suggest users of storage label their bikes with email address (SM)


#6 WSS Events –

Pints and Paws – People and their dogs socializing on McKee Field at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon (tbd) – we need to rename the event to be more G-rated. Suggestions welcome!


  • Schedule WSS events (SM+ STF)

#7 New Business -will add these items to August agenda because we didn’t get a chance to discuss.

From Seb:

here are some ideas for agenda, either this mtg or some future one:

1. outdoor movie night during the summer

2. sponsor a lunch at the Buttery featuring vegan recipes

3. evening party on SA ferry in the Fall

4. create grant writing group for sustainability funding

5. create signs to display in buildings lobbies to encourage people to turn off appliances after work. Emphasize large summer power demands.

6. Carpooling (see email recently about a person from Mass Rides; I will look into it)

Electric Vehicle Research WHOI 

Updated: July, 2017

From  Sebastien:

Some info on electric pickup truck:

Consumer reports guide for buying hybrid or electric vehicles, with highlighted text for key points I found and their checlist for buying e-vehicle:

Website for state grants to e-vehicles (sounds like funds are already committed for fleets program). Note also the $2,500 rebate program:

And more rebates for energy saving programs from the state:

From Valerie:

I meant to bring this with me to today's meeting. Attached is a one-page document with three articles I found. The first is an article in the MIT Technology Review from 2010 (

This is the one that said interest from "fleet" managers might spur more manufacturing interest.

The second is the article about Ford introducing Plug-in Hybrid Vans in London (

The last bit is from an article I read about the Ford Transit van and Ford Company plans to offer hybrid and electric technology by 2022, but can't now find the article. This link has similar information: