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July 18, 2018

Attendance: Ann Devenish, Mai Maheigan, Pam Polloni, Holly Wilson , Taylor Heyl, Valerie Caron, Sebastien Bigorre, Cassia Armstrong, Ankur Shah, Cali Pfleger, Kayleah Griffen, Dina Pandya

#1  Plastic Alternatives at WHOI- Plan is to eradicate as much single-use plastic at WHOI as possible.

  • Catering Guidelines are posted on WHOI’s website under Sustainable Event Planning. A list of compostable products available from WB Mason and renewable purchasing options on Amazon are posted as well..

  • Plastic Alternative Showcase – Monday, July 16th:  We displayed reusable cutlery, water pictures, mugs + straws, plus featured compostable plates, napkins and cups. Lots of people attended!
  • We discussed expansiveness of program and whether Ships would be covered under expectations. Answer is YES and we plan to meet with Sara Fuller (Marine Ops and member of STF) and the Atlantis Chief Mate PJ and ship’s Steward on Tuesday, July 31


  • Post Guidelines and docs on STF + Conferences Websites (SM+ DP – done)
  • Meet with Sara Fuller + Chief Mate on Atlantis to discuss alternatives to plastic. (SM+SF)


# 2  WSS Events  - Would love to add summer events…Contact Stephanie if you would like to sponsor an event

  • Science Stroll – Saturday, August 11 – Event planners are making it as sustainable as possible
  • The Sea Around Us Celebration- Sat + Sunday, Sept 15 +16 (also a sustainable event) – looking for volunteers for the Anything But a Boat event on Sunday.


  • Contact Stephanie if you would like to sponsor a WSS event. Cassia mentioned leading a bike ride.
  • Contact Stephanie if you can volunteer at the Anything But a Boat Race


#3  Biking at WHOI Update – all bikes (42 total) are out on loan. Waitlist created! Thanks to Susan Mills for volunteering so much of her time and expertise to run this program!


#4  Electric Vehicles + Charging Stations – – WHOI + Personal

  • GEM Electric Vehicles – Road Ready- Should we consider purchasing these?  A: not ready to make the purchase yet.
  • Green Driving with Mass Energy. Great deals on personal Electric Vehicle purchases. Link to see chart of cost breakdown.

  • Eversource EV Ready Application – Program offers free construction and electric work by Eversource, WHOI would have to pay for the hardware (charging ports).
  • EV Fair – organize a team to schedule an EV Fair for personnel


  • Schedule EVFair – sometime late September or early October (SM)
  • Submit EV Ready application with EverSource (SM-done)


#5  Freezer energy efficiency initiative –Stirling freezers are 75% more efficient than many of the ultra-low freezers on campus

  • Cape Light Compact offering $3,000 rebate for each new Stirling Freezer purchased
  • WHOI may offer an internal rebate to incentive scientists to buy the efficient freezer (tbd)


  • Generate list of biologists interested in purchasing Stirlings


#6  Water Filling Stations

  • We are exploring the feasibility of installing a filling station kiosk in the WH Village
  • The Water bottle filling station in Clark Lobby has been installed (it has been pumped and the water is flowing clean!). Please spread the word!


  • Submit Headlines entry to notify people of Clark’s water bottle filling station (SM)


#7  New Business


  • Lunch + Learns – Simon Thorold + Diana Wickman (tbd)


  • New Website for STF – Dina, Mai + Stephanie will work on moving content from our existing website to a new wordpress site.  We plan to meet Tuesday, Aug. 14th at 2:30 pm


  • Green It Forward Program – nominate an employee who goes above and beyond in their alternative plastic efforts. A monthly award recipient will review a reward/gift – either a reusable mug, cup, silverware set.

We need to get a team together to structure/lead the program. I think Cassia volunteered to help (let me know if that is accurate). We could post a picture of the winner on our new STF website…and social media possibly.