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July 15, 2015

STF Meeting Minutes 

Date: July 15, 2015
Location: MRF 204
Present: Dave Derosier, Jeffrey Fernandez, Allesandro Bocconcelli , Ron Reif, Matt Agnese, Sebastien Bigorre, Ann Devenish, Charlotte Wiman, Alex Good, Maureen Auro, Jonathan Murray, Stephanie Madsen, (Roman Long, Allison Kelley are CEC interns)

Agenda Item

#1: Welcome Clean Energy Center Interns – Allison + Roman updated STF in regards to their benchmarking efforts using 2012 WHOI utility data. They plan to present their data (Energy Benchmarks + Goals) on Thursday, August 13th at 2:00 pm in the Smith Conference Room.

Action:  Advertise Presentation to STF (SM)


#2 : Building Rep Pilot Program update:We summarized the Pilot Program to Jeffrey Fernandez (CFO)


  • Ron– Building Walk through with Dave…September (DD, RR+SM)


  • Disseminate large trash bins to buildings in Pilot Program (they are being stored in Loft of MRF)…these will replace small office trash bins in an effort to centralize bins. We need to finalize the flyer to advertise the can campaign (SM)…Whoi Graphics is working on flyer/sticker.


  • Dataloggers – Create Datalogger Handbook (SM+SB)


  • Dave is investigating automated timers that will shut down printers + computers at night (Cape Light Compact may help fund the purchase of these timers). Generate list of qualified units (Building Reps)


  • Schedule Building Rep follow-up meeting for end of September (SM + DD)


#3 Website Update- Updates highlighting 2014 improvements needed on STF’s website

Action:  Send 2014 updates to Dina to post on STF Website (DD)


#4  Procurement Corner:

  • Nitrile Recyclable Gloves– lots of uncertainty with program therefore a subcommittee was established to analyze recycling procedures, safety issues, repositories and procurement concerns (stockroom for example…better to sell one option such as the purple nitrile (item #KC500)).

Action:  Group plans to meet Wednesday, July 29th at 3:00pm at the Buttery to discuss (Maureen, Matt, Mary + Stephanie)


#5  Composting:

  • There’s lots of interest in increasing composting efforts on Whoi grounds (i.e. annual picnic).  Local vendor “Compost With Me” is available for events. Service offerings will be posted on the STF Website sometime in the fall.

Action:  Ensure that Mary Ryther is set up as a Vendor in WHOI’s accounting system- Matt sent forms to Mary (MA)

Action:  It’s been suggested that the Buttery could increase the volume being composted – look into this (SM?)

Action:  Need Composting helpers at Whoi’s Annual Picnic on Saturday, August 1 (STF members)

Action:  Work with procurement to generate Plate/flatware Resource list specific to Whoi – We can purchase many items with WB Mason (MA+SM)

Action:  Increase awareness of Composting Services available to the Whoi community- add the service list to the STF website (SM)


#6  Recyling: Can and bottle recycling will increase if we have signs encouraging the effort at picnics + public events (for example, the Whoi picnic)

Action:  Create reusable hard-backed recycling posters for events (SM with Graphics)


#7 Sustainability Awareness:  Continue to highlight STF efforts in Headlines, STF website + other list-serves (Jeffrey Fernandez suggested adding items to his newsletter).

Action:  Increase awareness by generating reusable posters for events – Recycling, Composting etc. (SM with Graphics)

Action:  Add items to STF Website such as Composting, Recycling Gloves (after given committee approval) (SM+ Dina)

Action:  Submit Green Tips on Whoi Headlines monthly (SM)


#8  Energy Savings: Power down computers at night. Jonathan Murray working with CIS team to incorporate automatic updates and power down options remotely.  Details are available on “