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January 20, 2021

Attendance: Mai Maheigan, Sarah Youngs, Danielle Haas Freeman, Stephanie Murphy, Lauren Dykman, Helen Harding, Dina Pandya, Stephanie Madsen

 #1   Solar Report + Next Steps Review- The recently installed solar arrays on Clark + Clark South were discussed, the new solar proposals were reviewed (see chart) and the report for the donor was addressed.


  • We are waiting for Eversource to install the net meters on Clark + Clark So
  • Help edit the Donor Report (Kevin + Lauren- thank you!)
  • Review Onsite Solar Economics slide (on right)
  • Add Meteor House to the solar queue (waiting for proposal from Revision.

 #2 URGE – Unlearning Racism in Geoscience has launched. Find more materials and readings at  Funded by NSF + WHOI


  • Sustainable WHOI Pod was created, has 11 members, and launched Jan 18th.

 #3 Beehive Honey Auction – The Honey Auction Team reports that they raised over $1,200 for the Falmouth Service Center! Great job!!

 #4  WSS – WHOI Social Sustainability – hikes, fun events + educational lunch and learns to keep our WHOI Staff feeling welcome, holistically healthy, and happy.

Lunch and Learns:

  • February Hike with Sarah + Lauren – Sunday, Feb 14 at 10:00am Crane Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Lunch n Learn -Recreation Committee and YMCA update - Justin Ossolinski + Karen Soenen (or YMCA Rep) Feb 10, 2021 (for WHOI employees only)
  • Lunch n Learn – Beehive at WHOI update (Karen Soenen) March tbd, 2021
  • Recycling Boat Shrink wrap Lunch + Learn – Stephanie Murphy, SeaGrant (April 14)


  • Schedule date and time for February Hike (Sarah + Lauren)
  • Schedule Boat shrink wrap Lunch n Learn for April (?) (Stephanie Murphy)
  • Consider wildlife Lunch n Learn presentation (Lauren)

 #5 Beach Clean-up Shore Lab - Monthly beach cleanups scheduled. STF is partnering with a local Land Trust The 300 Committee (T3C) + WHOI neighbors to clean up the beach on the first Thursday of each month. Meet at the Gate by Shore Lab. Leaders for Beach Cleanups include:

  • 4, Thursday – Lauren Dykman and Sarah Youngs (Steph is on vacation)
  • March 4, Thursday – Kevin Nikolaus
  • April 1 – Dina Pandya and Stephanie Murphy
  • May 6, Thursday – Pam Polloni


  • Consider using SeaGrant’s Marine Debris tracker App for the beach cleanups.

#6  WHOI’s Your Buddy Program- work in progress – The Workplace Climate Committee (WCC), Women’s Committee (WC), CDEI Events  + STF met in January to brainstorm ideas for the  program launch. The goal is to create a more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment at WHOI. There is a lot of great enthusiasm for this program.


 #7  Garden Plot – Danielle Haas Freeman wants to join the garden group and help with winterizing. Schedule a Tour of garden for newcomers.


  • Steph meet up with Danielle at the STF Garden plot (done)

#8 New Business -  Annual Greenhouse Gas Reporting?


  • Add Greenhouse Gas Reporting to next month’s agenda