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January 19, 2022

Attendance: Allesandro Bocconcelli , Liz Maloney, Seb Bigorre, Pam Polloni, Mai Maheigan, Lauren Dykman, Dina Pandya, Mallory Kastner, Jed Goldstone, Hilary Dupre, Sarah Fuller, Alex Kinsella, Karen Soenen, Stephanie Madsen,


#1  Energy Plan powerpoint to WHOI Leadership – Focus on long-term and short-term goals, our Greenhouse Gas report (GHG) and an Energy Master Plan (EMP).

· STF members gave feedback on Steph’s draft energy plan presentation. We need to work on this with a working group before we present it to Peter, Kathryn, Rick + Dave.

The following people volunteered to help draft the ppt: Seb, Lauren, Mai, Alex B., Jed, Karen, Liz, and Alex K.


· If you’d like to be added to the working group list, please reach out to Stephanie (

· Schedule a follow up zoom (SM – set for Jan 26th at 1:00)

· Schedule the presentation with Peter, Kathryn, Rick + Dave (SM)


#2  Don’t Look Up Movie – schedule a collective Zoom discussion


· Schedule an informal get together at Falmouth Coffee O (SM)


#3 WSS  (WHOI Social Sustainability) – Events that increase social connections. The Carbon Offset lunch n learn on Jan 12 was well attended with over 35 participants!


· Carbon Offset Lunch and Learn –Wednesday, Jan 12 at Noon- speaker is Hauke Kite-Powell

· Flax Food Co-op Lunch and Learn – Thursday, Feb 24 at 1:00 pm

· Greg Koman Lunch n Learn- carbon fee and dividend- schedule for Spring (tbd)

· Black History Month events on the DAC website:

· Wampanoag land acknowledgement workshop Wednesday, January 19, 1pm at

· The good, bad, and the ugly of food labels – an economist’s perspective – Mike Weir (sometime in March or April 2022)


· Schedule Mike Weir’s Good, Bad, Ugly lunch n learn (SM)

· Schedule Greg Loman Lunch n Learn (SM)

· Advertise Flax Food Coop flyer (SM + LM) Thanks for drafting the flyer Liz!!

· Art Gala featuring WHOI artists – Lauren reach out to Kerry Strom (efforts may overlap)


#4  Leaf blower (battery powered)– experiment (how long do batteries last, can you use one  battery, how long to recharge?) Husqvarna 3401BT, Batteries BL1300, Battery Charger QC250.

· We need to test whether this battery powered blower is as effective as gas powered blowers.


· Test variables of the battery powered leaf blower – Science Fair project (Jed Goldstone)


#5   NexTrex Plastic Film Recycling- contribute to Helen Fredrick’s Fye recycling program

· Can we make this a permanent thing? – Liz Maloney willing to help


· Liz reach out to Helen and think about program permanence at WHOI (LM)

· Missing collection box in Clark Lobby (Helen F)

· Reach out to Ann Tarrant (she offered to help with program continuation) (LM)


#6  Beach Clean-up Shore Lab - Monthly – We need Volunteers to join the leaders! STF is partnering with T3C + WHOI neighbors to clean up the beach on the first Thursday of each month at noon. Meet at Gate by Shore Lab. Leaders for Beach Cleanups include:

· Jan 6, Thursday – All

· Feb 3 Thursday (Steph on vacation, need a point person)



· Find a point person for Beach Cleanup on Feb. 3 (SM)


#7  Solar + LED update- Meteor House solar on Jan 4th + LEDs on 5 more buildings

·Since Jan 2022 LED fixtures have been installed in QFB (Carp Shop), Distribution Warehouse, Bell House and CRL. In February, LEDs will be installed at Challenger House and Iselin 2nd floor (shop + Port Office).

· Meteor House solar rooftop installation is complete. Waiting for Falmouth Town inspection, then Eversource netmeter (this can take months…)


· Add new pictures to STF website/slides (SM + LM)

· Get new CRL-RCRC solar proposal from Revision (SM)


#8   New Business    - Add topics to February STF Meeting:

Pollinator infographic – Karen Soenen – added blooming map

Alkaline battery recycling – Jed + Karen w EH+S (check with EH+S before our next meeting)

InnovaRecycling at WHOI – electronic waste


Food Flyer:

We discussed the food flyer quite a bit and worked on a final draft. Mallory, with input from others, created an awesome flyer. See STF’s website for final version. It’s amazing. Thank you for an engaging discussion!!



· Post the Local Food Flyer to STF website (LM + DP))