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January 18, 2017

Meeting Minutes

Present: Dave Derosier, Alex Bocconcelli, Ken Kostel, Dina Pandya, Ann Devenish, Danie Kinkade, Dan Lopes, Sean Medeiros, Paris Smalls, David Carter, Ali LaBella, Stephanie Madsen

#1  WSS Events

  • Members discussed Ping Pong options- High Bay (Clark S) + Clark 507
  • Winter Formal at Captain Kidd – tdb
  • Ice Skating Feb 10 @ Falmouth Ice Arena – Charlotte leading!


  • Confirm ice skating for Feb 10 + advertise in Events Ed (Charlotte +SM)
  • Schedule a ping pong event (SM)
  • Investigate dart board for TGIF events
  • Advertise Winter Formal Date + Time (Colin)
  • Schedule Beach Cleanups (Danie + SM)

#2  Permaculture Presentation – Friday, Feb. 3, 12:00 – Carriage House- bring your lunch and enjoy learning more about Permaculture design.


  • Finalize Poster, print, disseminate and advertise on Headlines (Steph + Dina)

#3  Strategic Plan + charrettes –scheduled for Jan 20 + 25

A group will be attending the Strategic Feedback Sessions scheduled for Jan 20th + 25th.

Fri  (20th)- Redfield @9:30 am= Steph, Alex, Danie

Fri- Clark 507@ 1:30 – Ken

Wed (25th)- Redfield @9:30 am= Steph

Wed (25th)- Clark 507@ 1:30 – Ken, Dina, Ann

Action: Bring up these points at the Feedback Sessions:

  • List of sustainable considerations for plan:
    • Renewables + energy efficiency – implement in all new building construction; Don't rely on LEED certification--instead design with an eye to long-term operation & sustainability
    • Land use/management/landscaping – design sustainable/native landscapes to minimize runoff, eradicate need for irrigation, and generally cut costs; include plans for outside classroom; consider permeable pavement, swales, and other storm-water retention/release methods
    • Space/Building Management – consider storage needs to avoid clutter in shared spaces; include social space (yoga, gym, classroom), consider sharing resources with MBL, Fisheries, Steamship (docks)
    • Supply chain – construction focus: make local vendors + minimizing waste a part of bid consideration;
    • Bikes – where possible, include storage space in new buildings; create centralized storage on both campuses
    • Transportation – Better shuttle pick-up/drop-off locations; other ways to unify Village and Quissett?; natural gas or other low- or zero-emission vehicles

#4  Carpooling Tool on Website: Please use the new Carpooling Tool!


  • Advertise in Shuttle, bulletin boards+ hardback posters on easels (SM)

#5  Bike Update –

  • Loaner Program inherited from International Committee – Facilities will oversee program
  • Bike Friendly Business status for Whoi – applying for status (due in June?)
  • Bike storage – basement Carriage House
  • Bike Subcommittee schedule meeting follow up – Feb or March


  • Work with Whoi HR to establish commuter program (Ken + Nicole Wright (HR))

#6 Sustainable Business Cards:

  • is now set up as a Whoi Vendor
  • Graphics ordered mine, and if happy with quality, will post options on Graphics website


  • Graphics post sustainable option on Whoi’s on-line order website (Graphics)

#7  Cardboard Recycling at Whoi – we discussed the need to post cardboard recycling dumpster locations and add new signage (many dumpsters not labeled)


  • Map out cardboard dumpster locations  (DD + SM)
  • Create magnetic sign reading “Cardboard” (SM + Graphics)

#8 Building Reps – schedule the following building walk throughs with reps:

  • Fenno – Colin Reed – Scheduled for Friday, Jan 27 at 2:00 (SM, DD + CR)
  • Clark 2nd Fl wing- Kim Deisher
  • Nobska House- Patty Mahoney (after Open Enrollment!)
  • Shiverick – Danie KinKade

#9 MassSustainability Communities Conference:  March 17, 2017

  • Steph registered $45.00…anyone else?


#10    New Business -