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January 17, 2018

Attendance: Andrei Huang, Valeri Caron, Pam Polloni, Ann Devenish, Sara Fuller and Stephanie Madsen

#1 WSS Events: We discussed the following scheduled events:

  • Lunch + Learn – LED Light Technology – with Kelly Cota of Wicked Watts

Wednesday Jan. 24th at Noon, Carriage House (about 10 people attended)


  • Please sign up for Meet Your Match – each sign up = $7.00 in snack $
  • Post flyers (ALL)
  • Ask Joanne Tromp to post the event to all whoi employees the morning of the Meet Your Match (SM)
  • Include WHSTEP in future events if possible – Sara Fuller can facilitate (SF)


#2 Sustainable Communities Conference – It’s in Plymouth this year and fee is inexpensive ($32.49)


  • Let Stephanie know if you are interested in attending


#3 VBike update  - Ye Yao, of VBikes, is scheduled to give presentation at the Feb 13th EDIC meeting (8:30am). Falmouth Town Hall in the Selectmen Room. Presentation has been confirmed with EDIC and Ye.

EVENT:  Feb 13 at 8:30 at Falmouth Town Hall in Selectmans’ Room


 #4  Nitrile Glove Recycling Program – We shipped 255 lbs of nitrile gloves to Right Cycle Program (Kimberly Clark). It’s great to see so many labs recycling non-contaminated gloves! Thanks to Steve Senior’s team for facilitating the program at WHOI!


#5 LED lighting update- saving lots of energy and money with continued LED light installations!

  • The following buildings have been updated with LED lights as of Feb 1, 2018: Clark Lab, Clark Parking Lot, Geosecs, Marine Ops, Fye
  • Wicked Watts doing audits on additional Whoi buildings


#6 Solar update 

  • Installation on Fye + McLean Roof is happening in February 2018! Work has begun!
  • Off-site Solar projects are up and running!  We see a credit on our utility bills.


  • Take Photographs + Drone footage of solar installation (SM +KK)


#7  Recycling #5 plastics (yogurt cups etc) –There is no pick up service on Cape Cod associated with this program so we encourage individuals to collect #5 plastics and bring to WholeFoods stores.


#8    New Business –

Coffee composting- Grounds To Grow On. Although we don’t endorse use of K-cups because of the waste they generate, we would like to encourage Departments to compost the cups/grounds after use.


We’ll have STF members pilot the program and offer feedback at next meeting. Cost is $10/recycling-compost box.



  • I ordered a pack of boxes (includes 5 with prepaid shipping label)- done (SM)
  • Who would like to be part of the Pilot program?