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January 15, 2014

STF meeting minutes: January 15th, 2014

“Shut the Sash” Stickers have arrived!

Details for deployment of stickers:

  • Timeline for deploying stickers to fume hoods: 1-2 months
  • Announcement with Directorate
  • Email to Department admins
    • Dave D. to deal with initial communications
  • Position of sticker on hoods: lower right or left hand corner
  • New hoods: give stickers to hood certification technician
  • Add sticker reminder to "Green Lab Checklist"
  • If you have hood alarms please contact:
    • Questions to Rick Galat

Website Updates:

  • Green Lab Checklist: send to Safety Office, include link to STF website
  • Add -20 and -40 freezers to freezers tips on checklist
  • Editing documents
    • OSHA study: Safer chemical swap, email Rob about sending link

Earth Day STF Event: April 22nd

  • Clark Lobby
  • LED Bulb raffle? (paid for by Safety)
  • Raise awareness of STF and STF initiatives
  • Additional ideas?

Wake-on-LAN project: shut down machines at night and reboot remotely

  • Front end website: login, see all machines, shut them off or turn them on

"The Computer Initiative":

  • Start new initiative that educates employees on computer "best practices".
  • Phase out all desktops
  • New printers
    • Must go through Procurement
    • Get Procurement on board

Facilities Update:

  • $400,000 earmarked for energy projects
    • Burner and control project at the plant ($30,000-$40,000)
    • Lighting: LED 70% more efficient
    • Warehouse lighting is transitioning to LED
    • Upgrading the parking lot lighting
      • With controls

Bike to Work Week: 18th-23rd of May

  • Start thinking about:
    • Promotion
    • Volunteers
    • Donations