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February 26, 2014

STF meeting minutes: February 26th, 2014

“Shut the Sash” stickers:

  • Draft of Shut the Sash information sheet distributed by Dave
  • Email to be sent out to PI’s and hood users
  • Headlines announcement
  • Stickers to go out within the next month

Safety checklist: Green Lab checklist

  • Distribute checklist with safety inspection
  • Post checklist on safety website
  • Low hazard space checklist for saving energy in office spaces

Sustainability Pledge

  • Online pledge for individuals labs to sign
  • Recent budget cuts create more incentive to cut costs

Building ambassadors

  • As group expands, bring new members on as building or department STF ambassadors

Set up weekly/biweekly “Green Tips” in WHOI Headlines

  • Create list of Green Tips and automatically submit

Formal structure for the group going forward?

Hood usage audits

  • By users or by security guards
  • Monitor hood usage over time
  • Cape Light will pay for some projects

Earth Day Ideas:

  • Create posters for lobbies of buildings
  • A dozen posters to be displayed in buildings
    • Highlight past Sustainability Task Force successes
    • Promote  the “Shut the Sash” initiative
    • “What you can do to help?” Poster
    • Energy saving tips for employees
  • Move Posters around campus over the course of the week

Freezer audits…

  • Add Freezer “best practices” to the website


  • List of approved “green” items for labs and offices
  • Encourage new employees and scientists to order from STF approved list
  • Link on website to “Green Purchasing” database