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February 21, 2018

Attendance: Taylor Heyl, Andrea Harvey, Pam Polloni, Sebastien Bigorre, and Stephanie Madsen 

#1 Solar update 

  • Solar install on Fye + McLean Roof is complete! Next steps: Falmouth Building Inspector approval, then Eversource approval for system launch
  • Off-site Solar projects in Plymouth and Canton are generating lots of clean energy!  We see credits on our utility bills and are saving 15%.


  • Track solar approval steps (DD + SM)
  • Access solar generation plots on software portals AlsoEnergy + SolarEdge (SM+ more if interested)
  • Schedule Solar Celebration – possibly Friday, May 4th afternoon (SM + STF)


#2 Strategic Community charrettes – Discussion of Village green/parking area. DSK wants feedback from WHOI employees. Occurred on  Monday, Feb. 26th. Several STF members attended and highlighted

  • need to electrically wire any development for more EV stations and possibly solar.
  • Continue to encourage alternative commuting – biking and carpooling (more MassRides events planned for June!)

Action – update carpooling links on HR + STF websites (done – thanks Dina!)


#3  WSS Events:

  • Lunch + Learn – Solar Presentation by ReVision Solar – Our solar vendor, who is installing panels on Fye and McLean, will present the details regarding panels at Whoi, how the Massachusetts program is changing and how you may benefit with residential solar.

         Friday, March 9th at Noon – Clark 507 at 12:15. Lunch provided by ReVision.

(veggie options available). Please rsvp for food count.


  • Send reminders + announcements to encourage participation (SM) – 37 people already signed up for lunch
  • Flyers to Admin Pros + STF (done)


  • Friend Raiser at Grumpy's Pub

Friday, March 9  -  5 to 9:00 pm      LIVE MUSIC! DANCING! FUN!

Join T3C and local band Puffy Elvis for a fun Friday evening! Mingle with friends and unwind for the weekend as you enjoy great live music, Grumpy's beverages and food available (BBQ from West Falmouth Market). ($5 cover; food & drink additional.)  Donations to The 300 Committee are welcome!

See you at Grumpy's! (29 Locust Street, Falmouth)

  • New WSS Events: Looking for people to organize additional WSS events – it’s not much work, you just need to pick an activity you love and show up. Steph will do the advertising for you.
    • Suggestions include: trip to solar farm, cleanup with Steamship, yard sale… 

#4  Meet Your Match – WeReviewed the Green Commuting event that was held on Feb. 14th (20 people attended with reps from every institution) – see message and links from Kyle Bonus below


  • Encourage people opposed to expanded parking in the Village to participate in alternative commuting (ALL)           


Start planning next events with MassRides including:

  • Bike Safety Seminar- early July (most guest students will be here)
  • Meet Your Match – June date for influx of students and guest scientists
  • Try It Day – June tbd 


#5 Sustainable Communities Conference – It’s in Plymouth this year and fee is affordable ($32.49). Price now higher $45

  • Steph + Pam Palloni attending April 27th 


#6 VBike update  - Ye Yao, of VBikes, gave a  presentation to Falmouth’s EDIC on  Feb 13th (8:30am). Falmouth Town Hall in the Selectmen Room. She then met with Falmouth’s Town Manager and sent a Service Agreement to EDIC and Town Manager.

EPS Hub technology has been added thus bikes will need to be returned to designated EPS hubs (may help with management).


  • Meet with Chris Land as EDIC rep to see if EDIC is going to approve (SM)


#7    New Business –

 Citizens Climate Lobby – Dick Payne

“Recently I started a chapter in Falmouth, intending to cover the upper Cape. The thrust of local chapters is writing letters to senators and congressmen, newspapers, and generally making as much fuss as we can.

Much more information can be found at Click on the button marked Join CCL in the upper right hand corner of the home page and word will be relayed to me of your interest.”

Dick Payne is Oceanographer Emeritus, 2001 to present, Department of Physical

Oceanography, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Message from Kyle Bonus  - MassRides:

Hello all,

Thank you for attending the Woods Hole Meet Your Match event last Wednesday, February 14th! Hopefully you had success in finding a carpool buddy to reduce your travel expenses, vehicle wear and tear, and emissions spent.

Don’t forget: carpooling is simple, but there can be bumps along the way.  In my experience, the most successful carpools are the ones with the best communication. For example, if you’re running late, even by a few minutes, let the driver or passenger know. Be patient with it as you start out, and eventually you can add more carpool days to your commute as you ease into the routine.

Also know that MassRIDES has your back! If something comes up and you need to leave unexpectedly, or if you need to stay at work for unexpected overtime, you are now qualified to take up to four Emergency Ride Home trips per year. Logging a trip is simple and can be done here—just remember to upload your receipt.

Remember to carpool in the next two weeks and send a “selfie” photo to or text at (267) 210-2815 to be entered in a raffle to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Happy carpooling!

Kyle Bonus | Outreach Coordinator


Massachusetts Department of Transportation

t: 857.383.3813 | c: 267.210.2815| f: 857.368.0656