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February 19, 2020

Attendance:.Sarah Fuller, Noa Randall,  Alex Bocconelli, Jen Christian, Stephanie Madsen

 #1 Alternatives to Single-use Plastic Pop up Dates: Events are going really well – lots of engagement. A few are left in March.

Wednesday, Jan 29 - Clark Lobby 11:00-1:00 (Faith, Mai, Steph)

Thursday, Feb 6 - Redfield Lobby 10:00-12:00 (Mindy, Jed, Steph)

Thursday Feb 27 - McLean Lobby 11:00-1:00 (Pam, Steph)

Thursday March 12 -Smith Lobby 11:00 - 1:00 (Jed + Steph, Lauren, Karen S, Robert S)

Thursday March 19 - Buttery 11:00-1:00 (Denise Barnett, Faith + Steph)


  • Schedule Pop Ups in May/June ( a future meeting)
  • Send Headlines for WBMason new Favorites/Compostable Items page (done- SM)


#2  STF Tour for MA Marine Educator's Association Annual Conference on May 2 - tour ~2:50 and try to be back by 4 . These are educators so they may be interested in the following:

  • our Green It Forward Program
  • Composting at Buttery and Events
  • Switching from k-cups to pods
  • Native plants and fruit trees
  • EV Make Ready – schools qualify
  • Solar panels on Fye
  • Walk through LOSOS – LEED Gold + solar panel/battery charger set up

I’m on vacation that week so Sebastien has volunteered to be the lead. We can have several people help with the tour.

It might be fun to do a test run sometime this spring in preparation for the May 2 tour.


  • Set up date for Tour Practice (SM)


#3  Sustainability Plan + review of ENGIE presentation– Energy, Waste + Transportation working groups need to meet. Schedule date for working group meetings for March.


  • Schedule meeting date (SM…Connor Ahearn may help with this)


#4 Composting at the Buttery – expand what we already do (aka veggie scraps behind the counter)

  • We will begin composting in the Main Dining room of the Buttery on February 24 – this is a test to calculate volume and success. Our goal is to apply for grant once we calculate volume and cost estimates.
    • Thank you Buttery Team for being supportive of this!!


  • Set up compost bins, liners (done-SM + Molly)
  • Graphics make signs (done- SM)
  • After 2 weeks, calculate the volume of compostables and estimate how often Compost With Me needs to pick up (SM + Molly)
  • Write grant proposal (SM + Molly)


#5 WSS Events

  • Electric Vehicles Green Driving Lunch n Learn – Anna Vanderspek from Green Energy Consumers Org (Thursday, Feb 13- Clark 507) – Great turn out! Had audience members from USGS, SEA and WHRC!
  • Hikes – Tuesday, Feb. 11 and March 17 – meet at Quissett tennis court and hope for sunshine!
  • Repair Café – scheduled for Thursday, May 7 4:00-6:00. We need help setting up rsvp google doc
  • Water kiosk ribbon cutting this Spring (we’ll need lots of people attending) – Waterfront Park (Wednesday, April 22 @ noon)


  • Repair Café RSVP (done – Kayleah + Helen)
  • Flyer for Repair Café (done- Helen)
  • Attend Water Kiosk meeting- arch 4 at 11:00 , 103 Lillie (Steph)
  • Schedule an Edible Plant lunch n learn or walk with Jen Christian (SM + JC)


#6 Beekeeping Update – Danie Kinkade. Group is meeting on Tuesday, Feb 11 at noon in Bigelow 217 to discuss tasks now that the Bees have been purchased.

  • We didn’t have time to discuss – will be on next month’s agenda.


#7  New Business