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February 18, 2015

STF Meeting Minutes

Bigelow 217

In attendance: Ken Kostel, Ann Devinish, Sebastian Bigorre, Dina Pandya, Dan Lopes, Charlotte Wiman, Mollie McDowell and Stephanie Madsen

Items Discussed:

  • Guest Speakers Megan Amsler Feb 24th at 4:00 Redfield + Hilde April 14 at 4:00 Clark 507
    • Advertised Megan’s talk with Headlines + Seminars Editor + USGS. Now that it’s in the Village, we might want to open it to MBL people as well.
    • Notes from Megan’s talk: It went well, there were 20 attendees and there were lots of questions during the Q+A. She reviewed Cape Light Compact home assessment options, reviewed line items in one’s utility bills + discussed Solar options for homes.


  • Earth Day Discussion –
    • We decided to host a STF table at the Buttery on Earth Day with the objective to share Sustainability info with Whoi employees. We will answer questions, share our successes, projects and goals, display Conserve Sockets, Dataloggers (available for personal energy assessments), etc.  Please contact Stephanie if you are would like to participate: Setup at 11:00 and takedown at 1:00pm
    • Update the Earth Day posters from last year. Repost around campus


  • Paper Towels: Take the One Paper Towel Challenge!
    • o     Sticker almost done (Graphics will add QR code to Ted Talk) and print the stickers which we will then apply to bathroom paper towel dispensers.
    • o     In the year 2014 the Stockroom sold 5,242 rolls of (whoi#71006) Roll Towels, 2-ply., 120 shts., Torx #HM9201 @whoi cost of $ 1.50 per roll.
    • o     Bathroom towels = 329 cases x 12 rolls/case (3,948 rolls)


  • Procurement management and educational opportunities. Involving procurement and Whoi employees in green purchasing decisions. For example, sell Conserve Sockets at the stockroom – we need to meet with Whoi’s procurement department to get the ball rolling. In the meantime, Dave authorized the purchase of a dozen or so of the Belkin Conserve Sockets for employee use. The Building Reps will disseminate as needed.


  • Carpooling
    • carpooling: Sebastian will contact Sandwich folks directly to see if they are interested in carpooling.
  • EV charging station Debrief. Still need to determine locations- Dave

o   ChargePoint -John Gilbrook,

o   SemaConnect Don MacNeil

  • Building Representative Update – we rolled out the Pilot Program Feb. 1, 2015.
    • Walk through occurred at CRL + Bell House + 2nd floor Clark (PO side)
    • Need to schedule Hot Labs – Ron + MRF- Alex
    •  Plug Loads review- we need a write up:  Jonathan wrote up instructions below…we may need to modify to standardize what CIS communicates to computer users (everyone basically).


Computer Shutdown/Wake up Options: (by Jonathan)

Automatic Wakeup/Standby

You may want to configure the clients to automatically wake up when BackupPC connects to them so they don't need to always be on. First, configure Wake on LAN in the BIOS and configure the network interface. Under the Power Management tab set AC Recover -> Last, Suspend Mode -> S3, and Remote Wake Up -> On. You may want to configure BackupPC to put a client in standby after a backup. If so, run the command below from KB555569 as the DumpPostUserCmd.

/cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState
The problem is that our network doesn't transmit these wake on lan packets over subnets across routers. I thought is was corrected, but it wasn't. So in some cases, especially cases where someone hasn't had a backup in a while, yes, they should leave their machines on. Alternatively, if folks see that their backups are failing on a regular basis, they can run a manual.

In general, people should shut off their machines when they go home. I still recommend it. If their backups are failing, then we have to fix that.

However, CIS(i.e. me and Randy) is working on a new system that won't care and will "just work" when the system is on. It's in beta testing now. If you run windows on a laptop, you'd make a great tester...if you're interested.