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February 18, 2010


Lea Poisson, Jonathan Murry, Liz Caporelli, Rich Lovering, Laurie Thompson, John Brinckerhoff, Valerie Caron, Dina Pandya, Paul Avery, Steve Molyneaux, Margaret Sulanowska, Patricia White, Alex Dorsk, Mary Murphy, Ron Reif, Judy Fenwick, Kim Grodzki, Paul Avery

Green Team Meeting format

proposed by the Communications Green Team.

Objectives: ideas and goals for GT
Tasks and responsibilities: what do we need to do to meet these goals and who will do what
Summary: Information to be shared with the STF including plan and time line of steps to meet the plan or objective.
Next meeting/next steps:

Shared Work Space on Trumpet Server

Using new drupal site instead of Trumpet server:  Trish will move files over.

Points of Contact for each Green Team

Will be listed on the web site

Energy Green Team Update

Liz Caporelli:  Greening of the UNOLS fleet at NSF level:  Research UNOLS oversight committee:  coming up with a plan for what they can do now and board, both for the ship staff and science users.  Meeting in April – Research Vessel oversight committee meeting – Liz will ask to have some time to discuss this.

Ron Reif:  Fuel Additive cuts down fuel use by 15% - immediate cost benefit. Scripps using a less toxic bottom paint and getting better fuel mileage.

Judy Fenwick:  Rich Camilli:  Report to WHOI on time at Copenhagen – Section referred to was on bioenergy

Purchasing Green Team Update

Rich Lovering :  Have not met. Dennis sent e-mail to Mark Hickey requesting that he try the 30% recycled paper in the copiers.  Pricing on  paper was better from Mason.

STF and Green Team Recommendation Template

(Recommendations should be no longer than one page and should include:)

I. Brief description/statement of action (1-2 sentences)

II. Rationale

  1. Current state, links to sustainability, and brief statement of recommendation. (3-4 sentences)

III. Benefits

  1. Costs/Savings
  2. Non-economic pros and cons

IV. Supporting Data

  1. Bulleted list re: research, rationale, details, etc.

V. Proposed steps & timetable

  1. Short-term, near-term, long-term goals/steps

VI. Measures for success

Next Meeting

March 18, 2010 11:30 a.m. in the Smith Conference Room.