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February 17, 2016

STF Meeting Minutes

Date: February 17, 2016

Location: Bigelow 217

Present: Dave Derosier, Pam Polloni, Ron Reif, Andrea Harvey, Jonathan Murray, Julia Gauglitz, Kevin Kavanagh and Stephanie Madsen

Agenda Item

#1  Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – We discussed the cost/hour at the stations and the need to communicate with EV members (understanding that several EV drivers are not signed up on the Semaconnect Site)


  • Reach out to other EV drivers and encourage them to become members of SemaConnect site  (SM)
  • Encourage a discussion with users about charge/hour at our ports and parking issues (i.e. EV stations are for charging, not for parking) (SM)


#2  On-line STF Survey – Survey input solicited via Headlines and Whoi Announcements for 3 weeks.


  • Analyze results and bring to March meeting (SM + DD)


#3  The Buttery – Composting + Vegetarian options. We discussed feedback on both items based on some information given by Steve Senior. We had support from facilities for the following (Dave, please confirm):

  • Increase quantity of composting buckets at the Buttery x 3 to 75 gallons per week (SM, SS+ DD)
  • How to advertise that the Buttery is composting. Members suggested changing units from gals to lbs..or wait until we increase volume. Concern exists that whoi people will critique our volume. (SM + SS)
  • Someday we may compost most items at the Buttery, including food scraps + take out containers, but at this point we think increasing veggie scrap volume to 75 gallons is a great first step, and will consider increasing that volume later.
  • Increase vegetarian options at the Buttery, as in offer a veggie soup (no chicken or beef stock) every day. Also, for hot meals, it was suggested that the base is vegetarian with meat additions options to appease both diets.  Veggie Tuesdays, as they tried in the past, wasn’t successful.


  • Contact Compost with Me and increase volume of composting to 75 lbs. (SS + DD)
  • Add a vegetarian soup to lunch offerings every day (not randomly) and offer veggie + meat hot meal each day as well (SS)


#4  Building Rep Pilot Program update:Geosec walkthrough occurred Jan. 29 and we reviewed results. We explained the Building Rep Program to new STF members and described gadgets that help us understand and mitigate energy use such as the hobo dataloggers (already purchased) + Timers (recently purchased by Dave)

  • The Data loggers are available for use – please see link and contact Stephanie for Manual.
  • Timers allow us to digitally start up and shut off machines – we encourage people to add these to appliances (K-cup machines) and space heaters. By powering down at night we can significantly save energy costs. (email Steph if you want one)
  • Kevin Kavanagh offered to be a Building Rep for Blake Building. Thanks Kevin!
  • Kick the Can campaign has been very successful thus far. Ron wrote up a positive reflection on the success he had with it in his office building - his recycling efforts increased remarkably. He posted this reflection on LinkedIn (thanks Ron!)
  • Recycling confusion continues – it’s unclear what is allowed in recycling cans despite the Single Stream Flyers. Lots of articles have been published in the Falmouth paper recently and some contradictions persist. We will add the photo of what “not to recycle” presented at the Townhall to our website.
  • Recycling paper towels is okay.


  • Schedule Blake Building Walk Through with Kevin + Dave (SM, DD)
  • Update website with new Datalogger Manual + add pics of Timers (SM+ DP)
  • Add “What Not to Recycle” pic to the STF website Recycling Page (SM + DP)
  • Recycling paper towels in bathrooms is Okay, so you may set up your own recycling bin for those if you want to take ownership of the project .(STF Members)


#5  Metering installation-  eGauges + CTs have arrived (Jonathan brought an example to the meeting to show members).

Objective is to install eGauges at 4 different sites at WHOI to monitor energy closely. Four sites include: Computer Server room, Fenno, Bell House + Challenger


  • Install eGauges in box units (Steve Gagnon + Joe Hackler), modify dashboard (Greg Fiske) and being monitoring our energy data!


#6  Social Sustainability at WHOI: Members discussed importance of Social Sustainability at Whoi and the need to create fun activities that keep people happy + healthy (we want people to STAY not leave the institution).  Instead of using proposed acronym SoS (too alarming) we agreed on “WSS” -WHOI Social Sustainability


  • Graphics working on WSS logo (SM + Katherine Joyce)
  • Add the write up below to Whoi Headlines after graphic icon is completed (SM)

SUSTAINABILITY: Where the Environment, Economics, and Society meet. To promote social sustainability within the WHOI culture, the Sustainability Task Force partnered with the Recreation Committee to create the WSS subcommittee.  WSS is dedicated to organizing and promoting activities that bring joy to all who work here! The WSS logo signifies social events that are open to all WHOI employees. Come join in the fun, enjoy a break from your hard work, and meet new people!

Activities may include:

  • Ping pong during winter months
  • Bocce on the lawn (Redfield + Buttery)
  • Kayaking excursions
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking

And so much more!

For more info visit the Recreation Committee Website (which has been recently updated).

For Sustainability info visit: