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December 21, 2016

Meeting Minutes

Present: Ron Reif, Alex Bocconcelli, Ken Kostel, Dina Pandya, Seb Bigorre, Stephanie Madsen

#1  WSS Events

  • Members suggested a bike path cleanup during January, especially the Steamship end of the path.


  • Sebastien + Alex volunteered to organize a cleanup (bring your own gloves and trash bag)- date tbd
  • Contact Steamship Authority to partner with for the endeavor (Seb)
  • Advertise on WSS (Steph)
  • Summer Red Sox game?  Need group of at least 20…and perhaps rent bus (Steph)


#2  Bike Update

  • Loaner Program inherited from International Committee – have team of volunteers!
  • Bike Friendly Business status for Whoi – applying for status
  • Bike storage – basement Carriage House


  • Schedule Bike Loaner program spreadsheet review with Bethany + Susan (Steph)
  • Meet with Bike Subcommittee in Feb to address strides with bike application (Steph)


#3  Carpooling Tool on Website:

  • Posted on Headlines. Please spread the word!


  • Clarify instructions on-line in terms of how to use carpooling tool (Ken)
  • Advertise Carpool site around campus and in shuttles (Steph)


#4  Recycling Plastic bags – Discussion on whether there is enough volume to start recycling plastic bags/film at Whoi?

  • Group feedback was that we don’t have the volume to sustain recycling film plastics, and that new plastic bag ban policy will decrease plastic considerably.

Action: People are encouraged to bring plastic bags/film to drop off sites in town such as Stop n Shop and Shaws (All).


#5 Sustainable Business Cards:


#6 Building Reps – schedule the following building walk throughs with reps:

  • Fenno – Colin Reed
  • Clark 2nd Fl wing- Kim Deisher
  • Nobska House- Patty Mahoney (after Open Enrollment!)
  • Shiverick – Danie KinKade

We didn’t schedule the walk throughs because new reps not present at meeting. We’ll schedule via email. Corrugated cardboard was discussed, and members would like solutions for cardboard near MRF.

Action: Schedule building walk throughs (Steph, Rep + Dave)


Suggestions for cardboard (per discussion with Dave)

  1. Reuse boxes – breakdown and store in MRF copy room next to printer
  2. Send to stockroom, shipping or Exhibit Center (smaller boxes) for reuse.
  3. Recycle corrugated cardboard in the single stream blue totes (on wheels)
  4. Or breakdown and drive boxes to CRL cardboard dumpster


#7 Strategic Plan + charrettes –Scheduled for Jan 20th and 25th (times tbd)

  • List of sustainable considerations for plan:
    • Renewables + energy efficiency
    • Land use/management/landscaping
    • Space/Building Management
    • Supply chain
    • Bikes
    • Transportation


  • Group to meet before charrettes includes Ken, Steph, Alex, Danie + Andrea (Steph schedule meeting)


#8  MassSustainability Communities Conference:  March 17, 2017


  • If interested in attending contact Steph and we’ll set up carpooling (All)


#9  New Business

Leaf Blowers – STF members communicated the negative effects of using gas powered leaf blowers on Whoi sites including:

  • Loud noises – distracting while conducting research
  • Unhealthy for Whoi employees whose air uptakes are affected
  • Unhealthy for landscaping staff
  • Increase in atmospheric carbon emissions

Solutions proposed:

  • Rake instead of using leaf blower
  • Use battery charged leaf blower – with solar powered charging station (Steph + RGalat looking into this)
  • Utilize permaculture design around campus (mitigates need for raking, except for paths – a safety concern year round) – Hoping Diane will be a guest speaker and explain permaculture to Whoi audience