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December 20, 2017

Attendance: Stephanie Madsen, Pam Polloni, Scott Lindell, Dina Pandya

#1 The Climate Science Special Report has been published (NCA4, Volume 1)


  • send webinar slides highlighting content in report (SM)
  • Send Video link to League of Women Voters Climate Event (PP) 

#2 Shop party review – 150 stainless cups given out to minimize single-use plastic cups,

Recycled water bottles (not sure if recycle bins were present in Shop during party),

Composted oyster shells were put back into Quissett Harbor– thanks Scott Lindell!


  • Ask bartenders to provide pitchers of water instead of plastic water bottles (SM)
  • Or set up a Poland Springs water dispenser (SM) 

#3 Meet your Match event on February 14th at Noon, MBL Swope- Meigs Room.  MBL kindly waived fee for using their facility. Kyle Bonus of MassRides is making a poster. We’ll add our STF logo and send to MBL, SEA, NOAA and WHBA to advertise. Please bring your lunch or buy lunch at Swope. MassRides will provide light refreshments.


  • Add USGS + WHRC to dissemination list (SM)
  • Make Flyer (KB)
  • Disseminate Flyer (SM)
  • Bring coffee to encourage attendance (SM) 

 #4  Recycling #5 plastics (yogurt cups etc) – organize collection areas + pickup schedule


  • Contact the #5 plastic organization to see if they offer collection boxes and pickup services (PP)

#5 LED lighting update- Clark Lab being updated throughout December.

  • Lunch + Learn with Kelly Cota on Wednesday, January 24th 12:15 at Carriage House.


  • Create a Lunch + Learn poster for LED Lights (SM)

#6 Solar update 

  • Install on Fye + McLean Roof and will begin at the end of January!
  • Off-site Solar projects are up and running!  We see a credit on our utility bills.


  • Plan post solar installation event at Fye- Date TBD  (All)
  • Arrange for Drone to record the solar panels and guests at Event (SM)
  • Ask if Solar can be considered for Image of the Day (DP) 

#7 VBike update  - Ye Yao, of VBikes, tentatively scheduled to give presentation at the Feb 13th EDIC meeting (8:30am).


  • Confirm Ye’s presentation at the Feb. 13 EDIC meeting (SM with Chris Land) 

#8    New Business –

We discussed the various power sources generating electricity to the Grid in Massachussetts.

Power Scources