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December 19, 2018

Attendance: Pam Polloni, Kayleah Griffen, Alex Bocconcelli, Mai Maheigan, Dina Pandya, Stephanie Madsen

#1   Local Solar Update – we discussed the proposed moratorium for ground mounted solar in Falmouth.

A: It failed in Town Meeting so there is NO moratorium…phew!  Other good news resulting from Town Meeting is that Styrofoam is banned in Falmouth.


  • Continue to encourage solar installation on WHOI rooftops (ground mounted panels are too costly) (ALL)
  • Work with Development to create a solar pitch to donors (SM)


#2  STF Website –The new Word Press website has been launched! Discuss maintenance of site.



#3   Green It Forward Program – iron out details and launch date. Add to website


  • Create nomination forms (MM, KG, SM)


#4   Solar Technology for Anyone Workshop. Generate solar power with one panel to charge your phone, batteries, equipment, etc.

  • Seb and Kayleah are working with Matt Palanza in AOP+E to set up date, time, location and content of solar workshop


  • Keep STF updated when date is determined. We’ll need to set up a rsvp form- this could be really popular (SB, KG)


# 5 WSS Events - looking for volunteers to sponsor new social events; lawns games, hikes, bike rides etc

  • Multi-cultural potluck – Kayleah + Helen working with Dan Lowenstein on a Diversity event (possibly showing the movie Selma).
  • T3C Lunch n Learn with Jessica Whritenour – Wednesday, Jan. 9- Carriage House at 12:15
  • Reschedule the Compost With Me field trip – we decided to wait until spring
  • Schedule new events – picnic under Losos fruit trees, tour of Peterson Farm, plan next carpooling event, lunch and learns
  • Diversity Events
  • Star Gazing event was suggested


  • Offer fun events whether it’s a local hike, walk around the Village, ice skating, book discussion etc (ALL)
  • * Note – we really need volunteers for the WSS events – They are open to all and can really improve morale’ and a feeling of welcoming to new Whoi employees.
  • Ask Marcy of T3C to sponsor a star gazing event


#6   Electric Vehicle Charging Station Update (EV Make Ready Program)

  • Installation continues School St. parking lot and Clark (front parking lot by MRF path). The trenching and paving is done, but wiring, permitting and pedestal installation still needs to be done.


  • Stay on top of installation schedule (SM) and advertise WHOI wide once it’s complete (SM)


#7   Pollinator Garden at Shiverick Lot – planning phase for garden contest


Address this next month – we ran out of time to discuss at the meeting


#8 New Business – Plastic reduction was discussed quite a bit. The following suggestions were made:

  • Remind people to use compostables for holiday parties – Action: Send out either Announcement or Headlines in early December to remind people. Ask the Stockroom to carry compostable products (SM)
  • Do not serve lobster at your events. Lobster trap line puts whales in jeopardy and by supporting the lobster industry, you are supporting synthetic lines that entangle whales. Several WHOI sponsored conferences have stopped serving lobster. Action:  Alex B will generate a 1 page informative message that we can post on STF’s website (AB)
  • Learn more about the Stretch Energy Code and Green Communities designation in Falmouth. If it passes in the future, then we may be eligible for funding. (Alex, please send us more information). Seth Pickering -(508) 946-2838, Action:  Call/email Seth and ask if he’d like to give a Lunch and Learn (SM)