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December 17, 2009


Liz Caporelli, Rich Lovering, Laurie Thompson, John Brinckerhoff, Valerie Caron, Dina Pandya, Paul Avery, Steve Molyneaux, Margaret Sulanowska, Patricia White, Dave Derosier

Next Meeting: Jan 14th at 11:30 a.m. Redfield 204.
2010 meeting dates are posted on the website.

Buy Fresh Buy Local Seminar (Becky Gast)

Becky Gast from Wommen’s Committee presented information on the WC event on Jan 21, Buy Fresh Buy Local Seminar. STF will assist by helping get announcement out using the least amount of print material. STF Communication GT will talk with WHOI Communications about using electronic announcements to reduce paper being sent to individuals. Announcements can also be sent to an administrator list to be printed and posted in common areas. Comms GT will also talk with Communication about contacts outside of WHOI. John B. will assist with table and room setup.

STF Announcement and other Communications GT Activities (Liz, Holly, Trish, Dina)

The Communications GT presented the announcement for comment. Will update with minor changes and post on website. Will work with WHOI communications on announcement and non paper communications. Will put together a brief summary of STF activities to provide to Avery. Start working on the frame work for recommendations for WHOI directorate to present in April.

Food & Water Green Team Presentation (Steve, Trish)

Develop ideas for reducing food waste, buying locally and conserving water. Build awareness of the energy and water costs associated with food choices, reduce food waste as well as energy and water waste associated with food choices, conserve water and advocate for healthy water quality.

Food & Water Tip:
Take the pledge to break the bottled water habit
Spread the word!

Outline/Action Plan

  1. Meet with Buttery Folks & Conference Services to discuss what they are already   doing and how we can best develop a partnership.
  2. Collect list of web and other resources.
  3. Consider how we can best get the word out to the community:
    1. Signs in the Buttery
    2. Suggestions to frequent WHOI vendors
    3. Headlines tips
  4. Collect stats on WHOI water and food usage. What numbers can we get our hands         on that we could use to indicate changes in behavior?
  5. Checklist for our Food & Water GT.
  6. Scheduled Meetings for Food & Water Green Team:  1x/month 1 or 2 weeks before STF meeting. Next meeting: January Meeting:  1/8/09

Sharing Files (Trish)

Files and Green Team meeting minutes will be posted on the Trumpet drive. Food & Water Green Team have posted meeting minutes and other information on Trumpet.

Distribution (John B)

John is looking at ways to improve Distribution services especially the red envelope services. He is analyzing the system for energy use and looking for reduction opportunities.

Tentative agenda for Jan meeting:

  • Review & Approve minutes from last meeting: (5 min)
  • Update on STF participation in Women's Committee Buy Local event (5 min)
  • Discuss tips: how to present and who is responsible
  • Discuss plan for recommendations for April
  • Green Teams Updates (5-10 min each)
    • Communications Green Team: Announcement and Summary to Avery.
    • Food & Water: update on bottled vs. filtered
    • Energy: update on Gov Clean Energy Challenge
    • Procurement: recycled paper, meet with CFO
    • Transportation: red shuttle, incentives for cycling to work
  • Inviting CFO and others to meetings
  • Open Discussion / Suggestions for Green Teams (10 min)
  • New Business (5 min)
  • Close